Send Free SMS to Nepal via Internet

Send SMS to Ncell & NTC from Internet, shows NCell and NTC Logo

Send SMS to Ncell & NTC from Internet

We have written enough articles on how to send free SMS to Nepal based Mobile phones, Ncell and NTC mobiles. Visit our Category Archives SMS & relatedto read all articles on how to send WebSMS to Nepal.

We will update other processes as they are rolled out. For now, you can use the third party SMS service enabled at this page to send SMS to your Ncell or NTC Mobile phone from internet.

SMS Service 1
SMS Service 2

If the above service doesn’t work, you can try another webservice to send SMS to worldwide. The WebSMSonline mobile site helps to send international SMS online but is little buggy.

SMS Service 3

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  • Anonymous

    Both are not working,i have found ,it delivers our msg very fast . i like that site very much n would like to recommend to you all .Just try yourself… its

    • suraj

      i think it is alxo not working now a days…mine msg has nt been delivered yet from this

      • sunil

        k ho sms nai jadai na ta

    • manish


  • Manepali

    I think this site is more better o send free sms

  • Sharan_7

    how to send free international sms?

  • Manepali is aqlso not working. But I found working, Guys I recommend you that site

  • kawanbijesh

    great bro thanks



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  • Santosh

    nyc post..visit Here you can send free sms worldwide including Nepal without registration ..

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  • Horriblejocker

    messeges arent getting delivered what the waste… is more better

  • Binod Khanal

    thats side is good facility for free sms  …….

    • Bvapyahurel


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  • Tamangmahesh56

    he yaar websms khuladai khuldaina yaaar

  • Saroj_culboy

    this site is not good sms jaanxa ki jaadaina thegan hudaina

  • Aindra156

    THANK  u sms jan6 tara pathako sms kaha bata herane tau chahi janena k garne???????????

  • Dugs_themp

    sign up garne kasari ho??????

  • Bin

    sometimes it works..sometimes it doesnt work..

  • sarita

     ufff send nai vayana

    • sabin karki


  • Yobin

    chya bhayena hau!

  • mynddragger

    realy kam ko bela kam nai lagdo rahen 6 :(

  • manish

    what is eb sites of sending sms any one tell me……

  • Eddy Uumagboria Okonta

    You can send free unlimited SMS to over 200 countries worldwide.


  • lama

    does it work or not. i tried on my cell but never succeed

  • nalin

    fake site…..sms send hudaina…..

  • gaurav

    ya this iz fake site even 1 sms is not
    fom this site

  • gaurav

    fuk this site

  • Gyanu

    just i have tried so let see what happend..,……..

  • manoj thapa

    nice 6

  • Navin Adhikari

    These are not working. Add some more sites.

  • shishir

    f**k this site jadaina sap hawa

  • buddha

    hell this site

    • TechSansar

      SMS sending capabilities depend in external sites!

  • Amar

    All the above link are not working, if you are using ncell sim and want to send free sms to ncell then you can send it via ncell ecare. Ncell ecare allows 10 sms per day. For more details on registering on Ncell Ecare here is the link

  • subham

    how to send free sms to ncell user

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  • Nitesh Pokharel

    More than all, is the best to send sms inside nepal….