This is how you remove write protection in pendrives or USB drives!

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    Worrying for your write protected pen drive or USB drive? Can’t format it, write or copy anything to your pen drive? Well, here is a simple solution.

    [caption id="attachment_12608" align="aligncenter" width="676"]Remove pen drive write protection Remove pen drive write protection[/caption]

    Open command with administrative privilege. In Windows 10, press Windows Key+X, then click Command Prompt (Admin)

    Type Diskpart

    Type list disk

    Determine which is your USB drive or pen drive that requires to be solved.

    Type select disk X (where X = digit representing your erroneous drive)

    Type “attributes disk clear readonly“,

    Then Type clean.

    Now type “create partition primary“.

    Finally type format fs=ntfs.

    Check the full procedure from the screenshot above.

    Hope this way solves your pen drive that couldn’t be written any files into.

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