Expectations from Agriculture Knowledge Bank in Nepal

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Traditional farming in Nepal
Traditional farming in Nepal

Nepal is still an agricultural country even though we import tonnes of ration from neighboring countries annually, even though we depend on basic food supplies and farming essentials. Majority of Nepalese, needless to say countryside, remote and village people, depend on agriculture as a source of income. While commercial farming are going on rapidly in Terai and many valleys in the hilly regions.

In today’s hi-tech world, technology has already penetrating into farming. Better productivity and better management is what ICT4D has to do for the development in Nepal. The Government of Nepal has undertaken a great initiative to educate farmers and other needy people about the effective and better agricultural processing and workflow. Agriculture Knowledge Bank (AKB) is a new concept that’s been enforced for disseminating the information and supporting livelihood of the Nepalese farmers (as written in the AKB official website.)

The AKB features many resources for about Nepalese agriculture and farming issues, research papers and other publications. The Directorate of Agricultural Extension Nepal has worked out to provide significant information  in cash crops and sustainable farming. The combined effort of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Agriculture Information and Communication Center, Seed Quality Control Center, National Agricultural Research and Development Fund has to come into play for the real farmers who can realize the improvement in their work both in working way and the economy.

Until and unless the farmer’s economy is not uplifted, and there is appreciable output from research in Agricultural field, AKB’s work would be doubtful. Their working area is vast, if they are really interested, the effective target group is easy to be determined for necessary information dissemination and help. Even though we can not expect for more people to align to the agricultural job (tech era to be blamed?), we can atleast expect to get productivity from lesser people to feed a larger number of mouths. The initiation taken by the Government of Nepal by deploying technology into effect in such an appreciable project like Agriculture Knowledge Bank is really citizen’s anticipation. We got to wait and see how traditional farming is transformed to modern farming in Nepal.

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