How to factory reset Google Nest Hub

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We don’t always have good times, but we want good times. It’s normal to desire the same performance of device even after using them for years. And, as time passes you might want to factory reset your Google Nest Hub (earlier called Google Home Hub). In this simple video tutorial, we show you how to hard reset your favorite Google Home assistant – Google Nest Hub 2020.

You still call it Google Home Hub or newly named Google Nest Hub can be factory reset or hard reset (wipe out everything from the device) and experience as a totally out of the box device.

➤ Follow simple steps to reset Google Home Hub (now Google Nest Hub)

➤ You can only hard reset (factory reset) Nest Hub devices physically not via remote command (at least not for now)

➤ Press both Volume Up & Down buttons together until you see the reset notice count to zero & hear a sound.

➤ The Nest Hub restarts now. If you release volume buttons before the 10 sec window, you won’t be able to hard reset.

➤ Firmware upgrades can occur anytime, but you can also opt for beta upgrades from the Google Home app for the Nest Hub devices.

➤ “Welcome to Google Home” you are now ready to create a new connection to the Nest Hub device from your Mobile’s Google Home app.

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