Develop free Android Apps without coding in Nepal

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Android is a leading mobile OS for years now. Many smartphones out there, use this operating system and till now Android is able to make a dominant user base. The core reason behind its dramatic success is openness, wide app ecosystem and flexibility. The wide app ecosystem is a key factor for the extensive use of this OS in many smart devices. Most of the android apps are written in Java Programming language with Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

Many developers find it easy to program in Java due to which now there are millions of apps in Playstore. Indeed you need some technical and coding knowledge to make an android application but for more advancing of the app ecosystem Google has launched web application which can be used by non- programmers to develop any app they want.

App Inventor - Develop free Android Apps without coding
App Inventor – Develop free Android Apps without coding

The application is named “App Inventor” which is a web based open-source application provided by Google and maintained by  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This application allows the beginners to develop application for Android OS using simple logics. The App Inventor completely free of cost and the application developed from the App Inventor can be used in Play Store or for any purpose that the developer desire.

There were many app engines that provide this facility before App Inventor but they used to cost some bucks and often not much flexible. App Inventor is a wonder web based application that is similar to Scratch and uses drag and drop method of visual objects to create an application. The App Inventor has four components i.e. the designer where all the required visible or non-visible components required for app is stored, the blocks editor is the place where program logic is created, the compiler available is based on Kawa language framework which compile the design and program logic to make a functioning android application and finally there is an app for real time debugging on a connected Android devices.

The App Inventor does not require any complex coding language, you only need a clear idea what you need to do and a complete logic about how you can do it. That’s it and you can create a professional looking Android app without writing a single line of code. Furthermore there are many tutorials out there that can assist you in making more interesting applications without coding in App Inventor.

Many institutions are already using this app to make people enthusiast in creating Android application and indeed App Inventor is a best alternative to create Android Application without coding and free of cost not only in Nepal but elsewhere.

(This article was written by Vijay Shrestha)

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