Huawei Nova 3, 3i World’s first 24MP four AI camera Phone launched in Nepal

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Kathmandu, July 27, 2018: The most awaited phones HUWAEI Nova 3 and HUAWEI Nova 3i have been officially launched in Nepal on July 27 amidst a grand event at Hotel Yak and Yeti.  The latest devices joining the HUAWEI nova series were launched amongst media and celebrities with an amazing opening performance by  .

With the launch of the new series HUWAEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i, customer can avail the opportunity for pre-booking the phones and be the first few one to win attractive gifts: portable printer for nova 3 and portable speaker for nova 3i. The time is limited, so book your pieces!

The new series of HUAWEI phones are sure to empower users to live a fuller life, the two handsets feature a trendy design, an AI quad-camera setup, and a powerful SoC at their core, what else can one ask for? Here are some more features of the phones:

Huawei Nova: Powerful AI Quad-Camera Setup for Fashionistas

People today enjoy chronicling their lives with photos. In view of that, Huawei greatly improved the photography capabilities of the latest nova devices. HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i are not only equipped with high-performance cameras, but are also embedded with a SoC with AI capabilities, which take the selfie experience to a whole new level of elegance.

Both HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i house dual front facing cameras with a 24MP primary camera and 2MP secondary camera. The former captures photos and videos with vivid clarity, whereas the secondary camera takes care of the depth data. The two sensors work in concert to focus on the subject and captures images with a field of vision that is similar to the human eye, resulting in truly immersive photos.

Huawei Nova 3 feature packed AI powered phone in display
Huawei Nova 3 feature packed AI powered phone in display

To elevate the artistic value of selfies, HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i both support scene recognition. The industry leading Huawei AI embedded in the two devices processes image data using its insights into portraits, background scenes and still objects that it had gained from studying over 100 million photos. When the devices are taking a selfie, the front-facing cameras can utilize its AI to optimize eight different categories of 200+ scenarios ranging from Blue Sky and Plant, to Beach and Night. The algorithm can distinguish between live subjects from scenery, and apply independent optimizations, producing photos with human subjects looking healthy and vibrant, and perfectly calibrated backgrounds.

The rear camera on the HUAWEI nova 3 comprises a 24MP monochrome and 16MP RGB sensor with dual f/1.8 wide aperture 6p lenses. Combined, they allow the device to not just capture crisp images in even dark or low-light environments, but also provide greater control over the photos. HUAWEI nova 3i houses powerful rear cameras as well. The rear-facing camera combines a 16MP primary sensor and a 2MP secondary sensor. The former captures vivid images and videos, while the latter records depth data to create a professional bokeh effect, resulting in more natural-looking images.

Huawei Nova: Meticulous Design and Trendy Color Options

HUAWEI nova 3 and HUWAEI nova 3i feature a trendy design and meticulous craftsmanship that place the devices at the forefront of fashion. The two devices both sport the newest generation 6.3-inch FHD+ (2340×1080) 19.5:9 FullView display. These specs enable the display to push out bigger and sharper images while giving the devices a slenderer look than their predecessors. Furthermore, each of the two devices comes with a different range of vibrant color variants.

HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i are both available in this year’s highly popular gradient color. Named “Iris Purple”, the striking gradient color smoothly transitions from blue to purple. To realize this breathtaking gradient effect, Huawei covers both devices with glass panels. Both sides of HUAWEI nova 3 are covered with a smooth double curved glass panel, and the back panel lets the gradient effect come out with exquisite texture. On the other hand, HUAWEI nova 3i features a nano-textured film which, when put under light, produces semi-circular curves that subtly express the dreamy gradient effect.

Huawei Nova: AI Augmented Performance

On the hardware front, both HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i are equipped with Huawei’s proprietary Kirin SoCs. The two SoCs not only support Huawei’s latest AI capabilities, but also boast industry leading image processing speeds and accuracy to deliver the best high-tech user experience to users.

HUAWEI nova 3 is powered by the flagship-class high performance Kirin 970 SoC, featuring the Neural Processing Unit that is dedicated to processing AI tasks. Combining the NPU with Huawei’s HiAI mobile computing architecture, Kirin 970 excels in AI computations and delivers 50 times better performance and 25 times better efficiency than traditional CPUs.

Huawei Nova 3 features 24 MP four AI Cameras
Huawei Nova 3 features 24 MP four AI Cameras

HUAWEI nova 3i is equipped with the Kirin 710 SoC, Huawei’s first 12nm chip. It features an improved image signal processor (ISP) as well as an all new discrete digital signal processor (DSP) for video processing, enabling HUAWEI nova 3i to deliver superb photography capabilities.

For a better, more stable gaming experience, HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i both support GPU Turbo, a graphics processing accelerator technology. Moreover, the devices are fitted with a web accelerator engine that greatly enhances video processing speeds, ensuring smooth, clear playback of internet videos.

In terms of software, HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i run on Android O-based EMUI 8.2. EMUI 8.2 provides a complete system environment that allows users to freely experience AI via a rich portfolio of features. AI shopping and smart Gallery are two of the many AI features supported on both HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i.

For instance, when users discover an item that they want, they can use two fingers to press and hold the image of the product, and devices will automatically query ecommerce sites for the item. Users may also use the camera to scan the photo of an object they want to purchase to start searching as well. (Feature available via the Amazon app in select countries.) Other than that, the smart Gallery can automatically recognize and categorize photos into eight groups including Gathering, Sport, Travel and Romance.

The HUAWEI Nova 3 and HUAWEI Nova 3i are available via Huawei’s official website or Huawei authorized retailers, at MSRP of NPR 59,900 and NPR 38,900 respectively.

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