Technology in Effect in Nepalese way all about TechSansar: Confession

People studying computers in remote Nepal, picture courtesy of BBC
People studying computers in remote Nepal, img courtesy  BBC
This article was originally written on 2010/05/11 yes that’s right! After receiving a series of concerns on latest technology related news and development in Nepal, we are rejuvenating it!

TechSansar is not about the latest gadgets that are released in California nor the latest leaked pics of the same neither the latest innovation made in Twitter, yes care nothing about Steve Jobs  (FYI Arthur Levinson is the current Apple chairman) talking about Apple’s next generation iPhone or iPad, what we talk and discuss and share is how the computing is made easy in our country Nepal. We would like to share how the presence of latest 4G technology (as an instance) has effects on the Nepalese lives.

How comfortable we are with latest Samsung Corby (huaah, S IV is already officially available in malls) releases made in Kathmandu? Is Ncell doing its best global presence? We got tonnes of questions, while we try to seek solutions, if not, discussions, at least, some people really hate us, while still a large number of people are making their pie on TechSansar.

TechSansar is all about what Nepalese hands on technology are searching about, helping about and seeking to help others about, this is about creating an open forum for better computing.

TechSansar is not aimed at bitter experiences of only those ‘sansar’ phases of sites and others which just come across some beauty of skin and all those while-alone browsing sites – as pointed out in (the popular Nepalese expat’s site.) If you know any rare tips or any tips which you think could help others, or even can keep as a track for your history you are most welcomed.

The latest developments (?)

Developments, really? We agree with your is it? Two concerns we received recently, Looks like TechSansar is hibernating, coming up with some silly Windows 8 stuffs. Where are really useful articles? Two concerns we want to share recently, we were penalized by our CDN provider because of huge bandwidth (just imagine almost a TB of transaction a day!) was wasted due to copy-paste bloggers. Nobody gives a shit to sites like ours, yes in Kathmandu, yes in Nepal; just some happened-to-visit site is all about TechSansar. (Secret, from an undisclosed 2011 survey of 1182 cyber cafe-goers in Kathmandu, more than 80% agreed they surfed to browse adult contents.)

Lastly, it’s all some crazy keyword stealing web spiders (not even Google or Bing bots) that visit regulary. Despite of these facts, the site is still up (we assume) and alive. But NOT dead obviously.
We shout out for your help. Still lot more to do in here!
The image is taken from BBC article “Village in the clouds embraces computers” featuring work of Mahabir Pun back in 2001.

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