Nepal Police launches a new Technology to know Traffic Jam

One of the governmental offices to use technology to their max is the Nepal Police, they have been using SMS facilities to GSM Mobile bearers to know information about traffic jams in the Valley – Kathmandu. The Police have upgraded the SMS service to live internet service from this Tuesday (Magh 12, 2066).

Previously, Traffic Police were (and still is) using SMS to number 4321 in order to get information where is the jam and which is the safe route to pass thru inside the valley. Now, the need has been redefined owning to previous SMS service only to GSM mobile bearers. Now, everyone with internet facilities can tract the traffic jam live without any delay in result that’s being generated to user’s device.
The software for the Police is developed by Focus 1 of Kathmandu. When the application is launched (you need to download or save the specific link to your mobile – probably you want to save it to the desktop of the phone or the portable handheld device), it presents with menus that tells about Jam, Highway, Vehicle lost and found, Meter Taxi Fraud and so on. Now, clicking on any one this menu item will lead you to the exact page. This will download the appropriate data to your handset/mobile phone.
The cost for this service is free from the Police but the normal charge for internet connectivity GPRS in Nepal Telecom, EDGE in Mero Mobile and accordingly in your other devices or desktop machines apply. This means one can easily tract where is the jam in Kathmandu from virtually any internet connected computer.
The visual guide to how to use Nepal Police service to enable/tract Kathmandu traffic jam will be published soon. Stay commented. (End of Traffic Jam Software of Nepal Police)

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