Reply To: Background Intelligent Transfer Service in Nepal


By BITS, could you make us more clear, are you referring to Computing/Software application based BITS or Networking based BITS.
While it is very difficult to say, even predict, the Background Intelligent Transfer Service in computing like in Windows update and background update of many applications since this depend on quantity of individual corporate and enterprise computing devices – the record of which none of the authoritative Nepalese organization have or keep. Moreover, there are no any local servers like Windows update server dedicated or located inside the country. So, the best answer for BITS in computing/devices can be obtained from the no. of devices connected to the Internet and capable of BITS (not Intranet or Extranet) – can we guess the number of computing devices in Nepal?
Another way to explore BITS in networking is to find the total bandwidth used in Nepal, which has crossed 1GB traffic as of now. The information provided by Nepal Internet Exchange might be very useful for your Background Intelligent Transfer Service, – the transfer is definitely growing every day.
Plus, another good way is to guesstimate BITS strict to the number of banks and corporate houses having Intranet within them (connected to external Internet via atleast one point) – for instance you can find an estimate of ATM machines, ABBS banking features, and mroe. This gives insights on both BITS within Nepal and external to Nepal.

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