Reply To: How is Election Commission using technology in this 2nd round of CA Election?


Main thing I am looking here is, online/electronic voting system in Nepal (not sure if it is even going to start in coming Elections.) This was the Technology that is not yet used in CA Election or any other Election in Nepal.
Only Techy thing used in this CA Election is the Voter Card (Not sure if it makes anyone laugh), but they used wasted lots of Nepalese Money with a promise of Electronic Voter card of some kind but ended up with a small cheat of color printed paper with a photo and again promising it is temporary (but till when is a secret for now).
About those paper’s technology used to advertise and educated people about How to participate in this CA Election is a complete nonsense and not healthy at all. Personally, I am frustrated seeing Posters here are there is walls, that makes dirty surrounding.
One thing they should come up with is a Clean, Green and Healthy approach, and can use already existing technology like Radios, FMs, Televisions or even conduct awareness and healthy campaign to educate people about participating in CA Election and even to advertise their promises.
Thanks to TechSansar for raising this Question.

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