Reply To: Is the car Mustang really made in Nepal?


I got this from a twitter friend:
@friendycalls: We get assembled computers in market,we don’t say they’re manufactured in Nepal.. Why is it being wrongly presented? #MustangMadeInNepal
@amritnn: बाबुराम र मुस्ताङ गाडीमा yueta महत्वपूर्ण समानता रैछ । भारतमा बनेका र नेपालमा एसेम्ल्ङि भएका 😀 😀
@mechhabi: Mustang Van and PM Baburam….. Let see the price of Mustang….. What is going to happen???
So, Mustang is a car NOT a van and is like Chaudhary Group’s LG or CG TV which they assemble in Nepal, but even don’t manufacture even a single nail or a pin in the country.
Let’s see how popular Mustang becomes.

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