How is Election Commission using technology in this 2nd round of CA Election?

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    Wondering how is technology being addressed in this election? Heard about toll free numbers and clean election campaigns, but what are the specific technologies Election Commission of Nepal is using this time?

    Just phone and SMS? Just the songs and jingles in radios and FMs? Just the video infomercials in TVs? Just the brochures and pamphlets? Just some public gatherings?
    That already makes a sense of lot of technologies being used in the election campaign? But they are almost similar to what political parties large or small can do to advertise themselves, what about the constitution assembly (CA) election education campaign? Or are we discussing it too late?
    What’s your view and understanding of how Nepal’s election commission is using technologies in this 2nd round of CA election in order to make the election clean, educated/well informed to the people, and information dissemination? What are the questions IT could address? Share your thoughts.

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