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    Nepal business directory gave me this list of ISPs in Nepal, is it complete? I want to see the official list, where can I see the official list of ISPs in Nepal and specific cities, like how many ISPs are there in Kathmandu or Pokhara?

    1. WorldLink Communication Pvt Ltd
    2. Infocom Pvt Ltd
    3. Vianet Communication
    4. Communication and Communication
    5. Mercantile Communication
    6. Subisu Cable Network
    7. Broadlink Networks and Communication Pvt Ltd
    8. Himalayan Online Service PVt Ltd
    9. Namche Network Pvt Ltd
    10. Websurfer Nepal Pvt Ltd
    11. Square Network Pvt Ltd
    12. Himal Technologies Pvt. Ltd
    13. Radius Communications Pvt Ltd
    14. Zentech International
    15. Net Max Technology Pvt Ltd
    16. Cherry World Pvt Ltd
    17. Classic Tech Pvt Ltd
    18. Hotlink Nepal Pvt Ltd
    19. Prati Dhawani Media
    20. Fiber Online Pvt Ltd
    21. …….
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