Telecom Network of the Country

6.1. The  Nepal  Doorsanchar  Company  Limited  (NDCL),  Nepal’s  incumbent
telecommunications  operator,  has made significant  progress  in the growth and   development   of   the   national   public   switched   telecommunications network (PSTN) in the last decade, particularly during Nepal’s Fifth Phase Telecom Project (1992-97).
6.2. With the introduction of new Telecom Operators, the same tempo of growth continues with the number of distributed lines increasing from approximately
65,000  in  1992  to  over  8,05,061   (PSTN  +  WLL),  Post-paid   Mobile
Subscribers  1,13,742  and  Pre-paid  Mobile  Subscribers  28,82,555  till  12
April, 2008 (30 Chaitra, 2064). The fully digital network offers full national and international direct dialing services.
6.3. The national trunk network is equipped with 9202 Mbps, out of which 8434
Mbps  link is being  used  to link Kathmandu  with  the rest  of the  country whereas 768 Mbps link is used within Kathmandu Valley. (based on NDCL MIS)
6.4. Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited, the only wireline operator in Nepal has 233 Telephone exchanges in operation at 224 different locations in 72 districts of Nepal. (based on NDCL MIS)
6.5. There  are  a  total  of  4575  International  telephone  circuits  in  operation
including Microwave circuits. (based on NDCL MIS)
6.6. Total capacity of E1 links installed is 4,601 out of which 3,994 are equipped,
2,273 are currently used and 1,721 is spare. (based on NDCL MIS)
6.7. UTL has installed a total of 657 International  Telephone circuits and 4012
Domestic Telephone circuits.

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