Price of CG TV 2019: CG Super 4K Smart TV Price in Nepal

Relatively affordable Nepal’s local brand CG TV 4K Super Smart, Smart TV and Turbo TV edition of TV Price for 2019 in Nepal is listed here, as provided by the authorized distributor – CG electronics and CG Brand shop.  Price of CG TV is one of the most affordable in Nepal and per inch cost approximately 1-2k NPR (a rough estimate by TechSansar.)

There are currently 4 different CG TV editions in Nepal namely;

  1. Super 4K Smart TV,
  2. 4K Smart TV,
  3. Smart TV and,
  4. Turbo TV.

There is a 3-year warranty in all CG TVs in Nepal.

4K Smart CG TV in Nepal
Super 4K Smart CG TV in Nepal

CG TV Price 2019

Size (inch)ModelTV TypeMRPRemarksUpdated
65CG65DC200U Super 4K4K Smart TV115,990CG Super 4K1 April 2019
65CG65DC200U 4K4K Smart TV114,8901 April 2019
55CG55DC200U Super 4K4K Smart TV73,290CG Super 4K1 April 2019
49CG49DC200U Super 4K4K Smart TV60,390CG Super 4K1 April 2019
49CG49DC100S4K Smart TV54,0901 April 2019
43CG43DC200U Super 4K4K Smart TV50,190CG Super 4K1 April 2019
43CG43DC200U 4K4K Smart TV48,3901 April 2019
43CG43DC100SSmart TV43,9901 April 2019
43CG43D1905Smart TV38,6901 April 2019
40CG40DIN09SSmart TV36,4901 April 2019
32CG32DC100STurbo TV26,5901 April 2019
32CG32D1905Turbo TV22,2901 April 2019
32CG32DIN08Turbo TV21,9901 April 2019
32CG32D003Turbo TV21,9901 April 2019
24CG24D1905Turbo TV16,2901 April 2019
22CG22D3305Turbo TV14,5901 April 2019
20CG20D1504Turbo TV12,9901 April 2019
65CG65D1802U4K Smart TV182,99023 June 2018
55CG55D6602U4K Smart TV104,39023 June 2018
49CG49D6602U4K Smart TV84,59023 June 2018
86CG86D8900S4K Smart TV539,59023 June 2018
32CG32D1604SSmart TV34,69023 June 2018
43CG43D3100SSmart TV60,89023 June 2018
49CG49D3100SSmart TV71,29023 June 2018
55CG55D1802SSmart TV88,79023 June 2018
55CG55D3100SSmart TV87,99023 June 2018
55CG55D7100Turbo TV81,890
55CG55D3200Turbo TV81,890
43CG43D9904Turbo TV55,690
32CG32D1905Turbo TV29,890
32CG32D1004Turbo TV29,890
24CG24D1905Turbo TV19,890
24CG24D1004Turbo TV19,890
22CG22D3305Turbo TV19,390
22CG22D3205Turbo TV19,390
20CG20D3305Turbo TV17,390
Various CG TV Price in Nepal (updated 2019)
Various CG TV Price in Nepal (updated 2019)

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