All Nepali Fonts – download & install in Windows, Mac & Ubuntu

nepali-font-iconThis is an online collection of almost all Nepalese Fonts or typeface. To download Nepali fonts of your choice, simply click each Nepali font name below and follow the instruction to download and install that Nepali font.

We have now have about 30+ Nepali fonts in the collection which you can download!

To install Nepali fonts in Windows 7, 8 and 10 open the Nepali font file after downloading and then click install on the top left (you may need have administrative privilege to do so) as shown in the screenshot below.

Alternatively, you can save the downloaded Nepali font file to your Windows folder at C:\Windows\Fonts which automatically installs that font.

All of these Nepali fonts listed here supported Windows, Mac and Linux/Ubuntu operating systems.


विंडोज ७/८/१० मा नेपाली फन्ट राख्ने तरीका:

आफुलाई चाहिएको नेपाली फन्ट क्लिक गरेर सेभ (डाउनलोड) गनुस | अब त्यो फाइललाई सेभ गरेको ठाउँ बाट खोल्नुहोस्, अनि देब्रे तिर माथि install भनेको ठाउँमा क्लिक गर्नुस | अब तपाइंको कम्प्युटरमा नेपाली फन्ट इन्स्टल भयो | (एसको लागि कम्प्युटरको व्यवस्थापक administrative खाता चाहिन सक्छ|)

वैकल्पिक तरिका: डाउनलोड गरेको नेपाली फन्ट फाइललाई विंडोजको फोल्डर  C:\Windows\Fonts भित्र सेभ गर्नुभयो भने त्यो फन्ट आफै इन्स्टल हुन्छ |

List of Nepali Fonts / नेपाली फन्टहरुको सुची

Download your choice of Nepali Font from the table above, just click the name of the font, download and click the font file. Then click "install" to permanently install this font in your computer.

आफुलाई चाहिएको नेपाली फन्टको नाममा क्लिक गर्नुहोस्, त्यसपछि फन्ट फाइल डाउनलोड हुन्छ त्यसलाई "install" क्लिक गरेर आफ्नो कम्प्युटरमा सदाको लागि राख्नुहोस्|
Nepali Font NameFont Type/ DescriptionRemarks
Amaa Nepali FontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Classical Nepali font Aama, Full Font name: Amaa Network Consultant, Version Altsys Fontographer 3.5, TTF (TrueType Outlines)
Golchha Nepali fontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Golchha style Nepali typing font
Arjun Nepali FontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Simple and elegant Nepali font to type in Devanagarik
Devnagari BoldTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Strong version of Devanagarik font for typing characters in Nepali and Hindi
Devnagari NewTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Standard and frequently used version of Devanagarik font for typing characters in Nepali and Hindi
FONTASY_HIMALI_TT Normal Font File (file name: FONTASY_HIMALI_TT NORMAL.ttf )FONTASY_HIMALI_TT Normal Font File (file name: FONTASY_HIMALI_TT NORMAL.ttf )True type FONTASY HIMALI TT (Normal font file)
Fontasy Himali FontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Regularly used Nepali typeface with normal and practical font width.
Himalaya TT FontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)
HimaliTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Himali Regular
KanchanTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Elegant and slim Nepali font.
KantipurTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Kantipur Regular
Mangal FontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Mangal Nepali font is used by default in Microsoft Windows PCs as a font to represent Nepali Unicode. For this many companies in Nepal consider Mangal as a standard Nepali font.
NepaliTrueType Outlines (.TTF)
Preeti FontTrueType font file (.TTF)
Ritu FontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)
SagarmathaTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Altsys Fontographer
EverestTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Nepali font Everest representing Mt Everest from Nepal
AgraTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Typeface for typing Devanagarik characters both in Nepali and Hindi
Mercantile Nepali FontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Developed by Mercantile Communications System in Nepal
Rukmini Nepali FontTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Yet another classic stylish Nepali font
Himchuli BoldTrueType Outlines (.TTF)

Note: If you are the author of any of these Nepali fonts, and are aware of your copyright work; we will remove these Nepali fonts. Or if you want us to add more Nepali fonts, simply comment or contact us on this article and we shall happily remove, rectify or credit your work.

Now almost all browsers and operating systems support Unicode by default, so you don’t need to install anything to enable Unicode. Simply go to the control panel’s language setting for Unicode to action.

  1. Fankafan says

    if i want to type SUGAM in nepali in windows 7 then it is typed as SU GAM where there is space after su.Why is that

  2. yagya tiwari says

    how to download the nepali font when i click the nepali font to download then the site is droped

  3. Pandit says बाट नेपालि फोन्ट  डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस र सजिलै नेपाली टाइप गर्नु होस् , रोमन बाटै तपाइहरुले नेपालि लेख्न सक्नु हुने छ ,अरु फोनको जस्तो झन्जट पनि नहुने टाइप गर्न पनि सजिलो ,

    1.PreetiTrueType font file (.TTF)2.HimaliTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Himali Regular3.KantipurTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Kantipur Regular4.KanchanTrueType Outlines (.TTF)5.SagarmathaTrueType Outlines (.TTF)Altsys  अब तपाइले बिर्सनुस यी माथिका पुराना फोन्ट हरुलाई ,

  4. shadanand parajulee says

    how to install the nepali font in samsung galexy ace 5830

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    i have a paper there is in a kind of font style how to know its name please tell me

  6. tara says

    When I am trying to download the font, the link takes to 404 not found Dropbox page. Why are you not fixing this issue?

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    How to download Nepali font in iPhone as in computer ? Mero iPhone ma Nepali type gareko document herna milena so please give me some idea.

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    i have windows 10 Home version. I have installed Preeti Font but when i open MS Word, it does not work . Please tell me or Guide me for this. I have also copy the download file into C:/ windows/fonts. but also it doesnot work. sir I need your Help?

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