Overview of Wireless Internet Service (WiFi) Providers in Nepal

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WiFi Internet TowerNo matter how our country runs in terms of physical infrastructure development with hours and hours of power cut (loadshedding), we still have a good number of telco companies and Internet Service Providers. Even though data (internet) customers in Nepal are not happy with the service providers in a way or the others, we have enough number of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WiFi ISPs) running in various cities in Nepal and airing tonnes of bandwidth every single second. Currently there are 45 registered ISPs in Nepal (excluding Network Service Providers). In this article, we review currently operating WiFi ISPs (both fixed and mobile WiFi providers, excluded are mobile operators) in Nepal.

WebSurfer Nepal:

WebSurfer Nepal WiFiWebSurfer is one of the early WiFi hotspot service providers in the country. WebSurfer has been actively providing WiFi internet service in many five star hotels and guests houses. This UK based broadband company is very strong in the wireless communication and voice solutions deploying MikroTic and Quintum technologies. WebSurfer provides fixed wireless internet, wireless DSL, WiFi and hotspot services, see the map for distributed point of presence (POP) in Nepal.WebSurfer Point of Presence Nepal

Mercantile Communications:

Mercantile Communications WiFiMercantile is the first ISP of Nepal (since 1995) now provides Wireless Internet Packages in various bandwidth and data plans. Mercantile’s services are usually more expensive than others.

Himal Technologies:

Himal Technologies WiFiHimalTech WiFi provides broadband wireless internet services, but they don’t offer too many wifi hotspots and cover only parts of Kathmandu valley and Chitwan. HT Wi-Fi is best suited for Offices near by AP, Home users, Schools & Colleges Hostel, Universities, Hospitals and Laptop users according to their website.

WorldLink Technologies:

WorldLink Technologies WirelessWorldLink’s Wizoom, a fixed wireless internet service, is one of the most used wifi services in Nepal and popular among residential and corporate houses in many cities. They have various consumer broadband schemes. They have various wireless internet package for corporate, SME, and residential users. Even tho’ there are not much WiFi hotspots from WorldLink around the cities but WLink along with Thamel Tourism Board has worked to make Thamel as a wifi zone.

Broadlink WiFi:

Broadlink WiFiBroadlink is one of the most popular WiFi hotspot providers currently in the country, with many young people subscribing to their services mainly on the background that they have got a large coverage thru out the country. With the fulfillment of connectivity options for people who need to be connected on the move, Broadlink’s WiFi is really a good option. (Read our coverage about Broadlink FAQs here)

Subisu Wireless Cablenet:

Subisu Wireless CablenetSubisu Cablenet provides wireless internet and intranet services in an extended area of coverage. Thy provide broadband Wi-Fi internet services at varied bandwidth for residential and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) purposes.

Radius Communications:

Radius Communications WirelessRadius provides wireless broadband internet services based on bandwidth or dedicated packages for all corporate, residential or cyber cafes. They are the first ISP to initiate Internet roaming inside the country with hotspots and PPoEbased authentication, and now have 8 repeaters in the vallery for coverage.

Classic Tech WiFi:

Classic Tech WiFiClassic Tech WiFi, aka CT WiFi, is a cheap and reliable WiFi Internet service, currently limited to selected places (hotspots) in the Valley, provides WiFi Internet connection via WiFi hotspots and best suited for mobile users like students, residentials, travelers. CT WiFi provides wireless internet connectivity options inside Kathmandu valley. They also provide fixed wireless broadband service to residential users.

Cherry World Communication:

Cherry World Communication WiFiCWC WiFi is relatively a new WiFi internet service provider in Nepal (estd 2010) and have few hotspots in the valley, focusing many around Baneshwor side where its office is located. The service is ideal for students however CWC provides both fixed wireless and WiFi hotspot services. They offer wifi hotspot prepaid packages interms of data limit or unlimited package. 50% Bandwidth added on active speed for 6 Month or 12 Month Advance Payment only.

Nepal Telecom WiFi service:

Nepal Telecom LogoNT WiFi is among the one which we have been hearing for so long, finally they are deploying it in Tribhuvan International Airport (AIT) in Kathmandu, and currently in Pokhara airport for free. NT WiFi was seeking private sector partners to start the WiFi service initially. They have Wireless routers placed in different places throughout the country – deployment phase ranging from initial 150 places to 500 places offering Nepal Telecom WiFi hotspots around the country.

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  2. Mohammad Tajim says

    Bro, There might be 45 ISPs registered in Nepal but not more than 3-4 operate outside of the KTM valley.

    Over here in Butwal, all we have is Wlink and Broadlink

    and even Broadlink has tower only in 1-2 places thats it.. so in a nutshell Wlink enjoys a monopoly over here

    NTC and Ncell, i don’t want to comment. One is way to unreliable and other is way to expensive…

    Websurfer, subisu, classictech, MOS, Himaltech  might show on their site that they have point of presence but none of them even has a office outside Valley… In Pokhara there might be a few more but thats it

    I don’t know when will these ISPs get over there KTM centric mentality and spread their line all across country,…

    When they are focusing on Wifi only then i dont think its too hard to build up tower in various cities…

  3. Bikash says

    I wonder why there are so many ISPs in Nepal? I was to choose a better always on Wireless service (portable) once in Ktm, and they all are only claiming not doing any good at QoS and customer level, they don’t even listen to customers. NTA should do something now. 

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  11. Alias Shrestha says

    Here’s a small tip for people who are willing to get ISP in Chitwan. Don’t get internet from Techminds. I swear the internet of Mercantile or Worldlink 15 years back in a cyber cafe was faster than what it is providing now in 2015. Same experience with SuBiSu in Kathmandu. I wonder why every services in our country is so compromised. Why don’t we consumers get the service what we paid for?

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  13. achyut raj pandey says

    I want to have internet connection at kabilash of chitwan which is 23 km far from narayangadh and 13 km from muglin for company purposes . please suggest me best one.

    1. Team TechSansar says

      We suggest you to go for NTC’s WiMAX using ODU (Out Door Unit), as it can catch signals from a far away NTC tower. However, please call your nearest NTC office if they have signals at that location.

      Other options may include Techminds, they should have connection at that area as well. Do contact them.

      Worst case, you can go with Cellular GSM data.

  14. Swagat Gyawali says

    Can anybody recommend me the best ISP for Butwal city??

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