Send free Local and International SMS from Mobile using JaxtrSMS

JaxtrSMS Beta Android Browser ViewYou might be using internet/web to SMS from various websites (we even have published a couple of articles on this), however many of these websites does not work when browsed from a mobile device. Now we can send an SMS without visiting any websites from mobile phone using an application – JaxtrSMS – free for both local and international mobiles.

JaxtrSMS, founded by Sameer Bhatia– the Co-founder of Hotmail email service in this October, is a free downloadable apps for your mobile phone including iPad, Galaxy tab and other tablet devices which allows to send an SMS to any local and international mobile phone number. However, the company has not published any information which countries are on the initial list to be able to send SMS to intra-country (inter-mobile operator) mobile numbers.

JaxtrSMS is a cross-platform open texting application, the first of its kind to let users send unlimited free text messages to any other phone anywhere in the world – even within your own country. this application automatically integrates into the mobile phone’s address book which we have tested in a Nokia X3 and Samsung S5620 smart phones. Also the recipients receive the SMS directly into their SMS inbox not in the JaxtrSMS’s application. This seamless integration of SMS application is very useful for mobile users of all sorts.

How to start sending free local and international SMS using JaxtrSMS?

This is a visual tutorial which Team TechSansar performe for a Nokia X3 and Samsung S5620 Smart phones. Go to the JaxtrSMS’s website and download the application to your mobile handset. Then install the application which is nearly 1.5 MB, sadly JaxtrSMS doesn’t allow user to move the application to external memory card as of now. Once you open the application for the very first time, you need to register the application with your own mobile phone number. We had a certificate issues during installation/registration of the application in Samsung device.

Once registered, you can choose a contact from your address book and compose a text (SMS) message and then send it (apps uses GPRS/EDGE/3G connection). However, there is no SMS delivery report as used to be with our mobile operators. We tried sending SMS using JaxtrSMS to and from NTC, Ncell and UTL mobiles, but sometimes there were issues with UTL and Ncell. Plus delivery of SMS took as long as 2 hours in NTC numbers.

JaxtrSMS supports major mobile platforms like Android OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Nokia’s Symbian OS and Java (J2ME). Like major VoIP/telephony softwares, JaxtrSMS is also not an alternative to emergency calls and SMS, the JaxtrSMS ToC states.

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