Privacy Policy for Windows Apps Initiated by TechSansar

We take privacy seriously. The following statements will help you understand how Windows 8 apps on Windows Store  from “Team TechSansar” will collect, use and protect your information. Here’s the list of apps this privacy policy will effect to:
Programming Languages Tutorials
Fairy’s Love Calculator
Body Mass Index Calculator Pro+
Destination Pokhara
These apps will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. Please uninstall this APP when you do not agree with this privacy statement.

:: What information is collected?

This app only collects your Unique Device ID (‘UDID’) and/or IP address. No information other than this is collected. The external links from the app open to the default web browser in your device, the data privacy statement of such links is entirely out of scope of this app.

:: How is your information used?

The UDID information is collected in order to determine the aggregate number of unique devices using the APP, to track total usage, analyze data, and communicate with you more effectively. Also, the UDID and IP address are used to show the in-APP advertisement. We believe this feature is more used internally by Windows Store feature, since we as a developer of this app do not engage in such tracking and analysis.

:: How is your information shared?

Both the UDID and IP address are shared with Microsoft PubCenter. This is needed to show the in-APP advertisement. Outside of that, no information is shared with any third parties or external services.
Lastly, this app is provided AS IS without any guarantee whatsoever. The hacks, tips and tricks maybe used in any way user find is useful to them except in any commercial usage. The loss of property, data or information by the use of this app is NOT GOVERNED by this privacy policy and the developers of the app are not responsible for anything undesired.
Questions about this app and the privacy policy can be sent at [email protected] or via a web form at

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