Why does Google Site Kit keeps disconnecting?

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b5f94ad4dfee12795e8752aa046a8a9aEditor Staff asked 4 years ago
Everytime Site Kit – superb WordPress plugin from Google – gets updated it disconnects from the connected Google account. And then you have to connect Site Kit with the Google account again.
What’s the issue here?

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f170e0de1f49776cd54f9febc20dfa25Ekendra Staff answered 4 years ago
Navigating thru a list of known issues with Google Site Kit from Site Kit\’s documentation here: https://sitekit.withgoogle.com/documentation/known-limitations-of-site-kit/\”>https://sitekit.withgoogle.com/documentation/known-limitations-of-site-kit/</p&gt;
WordPress Plugins are one set of conflicting factors, in our case it is Monster Insights that does the Google Analytics module. Even though Google suggests to disable Monster Insights while setting up the Google Analytics Module, it continues to cause the error or disconnecting.
We needed to get rid of Monster Insights permanently for the Site Kit to work.

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