4G LTE starts in Nepal from Nepal Telecom’s Postpaid Service

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2017 started in Nepal with the official launch of 4G LTE service from the state owned Nepal Telecom as we just predicted and covered the earlier day. Nepal Telecom’s 4G LTE. We quickly enlist here features and offering from NTC on this very day of 1st January , 2017 with 4G LTE services which has initially been offered for their Postpaid customers only with triple 4 offers.

Activating NTC 4G LTE offer
Activating NTC 4G LTE offer

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  • 4G LTE from NTC is termed 4G/LTE instead of a “4G LTE” which is now a generalized term in telco industry.
  • 4G LTE cellular data rate is peaked at maximum of 32.4 Mbps download speed according to NTC.
  • 4G LTE in Nepal is technology neutral 1800 MHz technology so should be compatible with your smartphone.
  • Nepal Telecom’s 4G LTE network coverage is currently limited only in parts of Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • In order to use NTC’s 4G LTE, one need to upgrade their NT postpaid SIM to 4G enabled SIM ie Universal SIM (USIM).
  • Changing 3G SIM to 4G SIM (USIM) is NOT free. It costs normal SIM replacement cost of Rs 50, only the 4G LTE service activation is free. (!clever NTC, huh!)
  • Nepal Telecom’s customer contact 1498 still doesn’t receive calls – we tried to contact and were never successful.
  • Third party vendor Huawei Technologies is deploying company for NTC’s 4G sites and network upgradation.
  • Free data for surfing NTC’s official website www.ntc.net.np, NTC’s web recharge system at webrecharge.ntc.net.np and Meet social network at www.meet.net.np. This equally applies to both Postpaid and Prepaid NTC phones.

How to activate Nepal Telecom’s 4G LTE?

Nepal Telecom 4G LTE offer
Nepal Telecom 4G LTE offer

Just send a USSD query to *444# from a post paid smartphone. Once you have requested to activate 4G services you will be notified from 1415 when 4G service is activated on your NTC SIM card.

However, NTC says in order to use NTC’s 4G LTE, one need to upgrade their NT postpaid SIM to 4G enabled SIM ie Universal SIM (USIM). But, we could instantly upgrade traditional 3G SIM card to 4G USIM just by using *444# USSD query.

4G combo pack is instantly activated in your just upgraded 4G USIM which comes with 4GB free data valid for 4 days (maximum of 1GB usage per day.)

Normal data tariff of NTC is Re 1 per MB even for 4G data services which is the same data rate for 3G service.

How to enable 4G LTE cellular data service in mobile handset?

This is how to check and switch to 4G LTE in Smartphone.
This is how to check and switch to 4G LTE in Smartphone.

Depending upon the model of your smartphone, go to the Settings > Mobile Networks > Preferred Network Type > 4G. Selecting 4G will activate your smartphone to accept 4G data when 4G LTE network from Nepal Telecom is available.

Here is everything you need to know about NTC and Ncell 4G.

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    Can i use 4g on my Samsung J7 . 2016 model . bcz in my mobile settting> networks> only 3g/2g options .

  2. Naresh says

    Can I subscribe to 4G packages even if my phone doesn’t support 4G?

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