List & Location of available NT WiFi Hotspots

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With a mercy of Nepal Telecom (NT), many of us now, for at least sometimes, can use free WiFi hotspots. However, as NT’s WiFi Hotspots are not available everywhere, we enlist the available location of NT WiFi Hotspots. Do note that NT’s WiFi Hotspots are based on the company’s WiMAX technologies so often referred to as NT WiMAX Hotspots or WiMAX APs.

Nepal Telecom NTC's Wireless WiFi hotspot service soon to be reality
Nepal Telecom NTC’s Wireless WiFi hotspot service soon to be reality

How to use free NT WiFi Hotspots?

Name of AP or SSID: NT WiFi

WiFi Password: Send a blank SMS to 1416 to get NT WiFi hotspot password. (Only for NT GSM Prepaid & Postpaid users, rest can’t request  now.)

How to use NT WiFi: Connect to NT WiFi from your device’s Wireless, a default browser should open automatically if not open any browser and try to browse any website, say, you will be prompted to enter password which you just received in SMS. Now, you are good to go with free Nepal Telecom’s WiFi hotspot service.

Nepal Telecom in a recent Facebook status has said that they will be expanding their NT WiFi service outside Kathmandu valley soon. We wait to see the full coverage in the valley, however.

Did you miss these news about NTC WiFi APs?

Name and Location of available NT WiFi Hotspot Zones

1Arghakhanchi Hospital Chowk,SandhikharkaWRDArghakhanchiAvailable Now
2Chutrabesi, SandhikharkaWRDArghakhanchiAvailable Now
3Ishara Tole, SandhikharkaWRDArghakhanchiAvailable Now
4Sandikharka NT OfficeWDRWRDArghakhanchiAvailable Now
5BAGLUNG NTWRDBaglungAvailable Now
6Baglungi NT OfficeWDRBaglungAvailable Now
7Burtibang BazarWDRBaglungAvailable Now
8Burtibang BazarBaglungWRDBaglungAvailable Now
9Dhaulagiri HospitalWDRBaglungAvailable Now
10Dhaulagiri HospitalBaglungWRDBaglungAvailable Now
11Hattiya BazarWDRBaglungAvailable Now
12kusma parbatWRDBaglungAvailable Now
13Lali Gurans ChowkWDRBaglungAvailable Now
14Lali Gurans ChowkBaglungWRDBaglungAvailable Now
15WALING BAZARWRDBaglungAvailable Now
16Baitadi BazarFWDRBaitadiAvailable Now
17CPN/UML Party OfficeKTMBalkhuAvailable Now
18Bageshwori Temple NepalgunjMWRDBankeAvailable Now
19CPN UML NepalgunjMWDRMWRDBankeAvailable Now
20Kohalpur Medical collegeMWRDBankeAvailable Now
21Mahendra Multiple CampusMWRDBankeAvailable Now
22Nepal Medical CollegeMWRDBankeAvailable Now
23nepalgunjMWRDBankeAvailable Now
24Nepalgunj AirportMWDRBankeAvailable Now
25Nepalgunj AirportMWRDBankeAvailable Now
26Parwanipur BazarCDRBaraAvailable Now
27Simara AirportCDRBaraComing Soon
28Bardiya NTMWRDBardiyaAvailable Now
29Bahakha Bazzar ThimiKRDBhaktapurAvailable Now
30Bhaktapur Durbar SquareKTMBhaktapurAvailable Now
31Bhaktapur NT OfficeKTMBhaktapurAvailable Now
32Dattariya MandirKRDBhaktapurAvailable Now
33Dattatrya Mandir PremisesKTMBhaktapurAvailable Now
34Kathmandu Fun Valley, palanseKRDBhaktapurAvailable Now
35Khwapa Engineering CollegeKTMBhaktapurAvailable Now
36LokanthaliKRDBhaktapurAvailable Now
37Balkumari CollegeCDRChitwanAvailable Now
38Bharatpur Bus parkCDRChitwanAvailable Now
39Birendra Multiple CampusCDRChitwanAvailable Now
40Putali BazarCDRChitwanAvailable Now
41Rampur Agri CampusCDRChitwanAvailable Now
42Saptagandaki CampusCDRChitwanAvailable Now
43Sauraha Pub AreaCDRChitwanAvailable Now
44Sauraha Pub AreaCRDChitwanAvailable Now
45Basantapur madiCDRChitwanComing Soon
46Dailekh NTMWRDDailekhAvailable Now
47Damodar Chowk , GhorahiMWRDDangAvailable Now
48District Police office, DangMWRDDangAvailable Now
49GhorahiMWRDDangAvailable Now
50Ghorahi NTMWRDDangAvailable Now
51Mahendra Multiple CampusMWRDDangAvailable Now
52Rapti Babai CampusMWRDDangAvailable Now
53Rapti Regional Hospital, GhorahiMWRDDangAvailable Now
54Tulshipur NTMWRDDangAvailable Now
55tulsipurMWRDDangAvailable Now
56Dhading Telecom OfficeBagmatiDhadingAvailable Now
57NT DHADING OfficeKRDDhadingAvailable Now
58BhedetarEDRDhankutaAvailable Now
59Dhankuta Beech BazarERDDhankutaAvailable Now
60Dhankuta Beech BazarEDRDhankutaAvailable Now
61Hile BazarEDRDhankutaAvailable Now
62Janakpur AirportCDRDhanusaComing Soon
63Bhanu ChowkCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
64Janak ChowkCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
65Janaki Mandir PremisesCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
66Janaki Medical CollegeCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
67Janakpur HospitalCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
68LDO Office JanakpurCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
69Mahendra NagarCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
70R.R. Multiple CampusCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
71Shiva Chowk JanapurCDRDhanushaAvailable Now
72AVN Multiple collegeDhangadji kailaliFWRDDotiAvailable Now
73Dipayal BazarFWDRDotiAvailable Now
74Mahendra Multiple CollegeMWDRGhorahiAvailable Now
75Mahendra Multiple CollegeMWDRGhorahiAvailable Now
76Gorkha CDO OfficeWRDGorkhaAvailable Now
77Manakamana TempleWRDGorkhaAvailable Now
78Mankamana MandirWDRGorkhaAvailable Now
79Metro HospitalWRDGorkhaAvailable Now
80Metro HospotalWDRGorkhaAvailable Now
81Gorkha CDO OfficeWDRGorkhaComing Soon
82Aurobindo Ashram,SirseniWRDGulmiAvailable Now
83Putalibazar/NayabazarWRDGulmiAvailable Now
84Tamghas Bazar Campus RoadWRDGulmiAvailable Now
85Tamghas Bazar Campus RoadWDRGulmiAvailable Now
86Tamghas Office GulmiWRDGulmiAvailable Now
87Ilam Chowk BazarEDRIlamAvailable Now
88Pashupati Nagar Main BazarEDRIlamAvailable Now
89Jajarkot NTMWRDJajarkotAvailable Now
90Chandragadhi AirportEDRJhapaAvailable Now
91Damak ChowkEDRJhapaAvailable Now
92Mechi Zonal Hospital BhadrapurEDRJhapaAvailable Now
93Urlabari ChowkEDRJhapaAvailable Now
94Jumla AirportMWDRJumlaAvailable Now
95Jumla Airport-2MWRDJumlaAvailable Now
96SPA multiple collegeDhangadhi KailaliFWRDKailaiAvailable Now
97Campus KailaliFWDRKailaliAvailable Now
98ChishapaniFWDRKailaliAvailable Now
99Dhangadi AirportFWRDKailaliAvailable Now
100Dhangadi AirportFWDRKailaliAvailable Now
101Moti chowk DhangadhDhangadhi kailaliFWRDKailaliAvailable Now
102NT OfficeFWDRKailaliAvailable Now
103MNR BusparkFWDRKanchanpurAvailable Now
104MNR ParkFWDRKanchanpurAvailable Now
105Radient CollegeFWDRKanchanpurAvailable Now
106Bahadurganj, KapilbastuWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
107Bahadurganj-chauraha, KapilbastuWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
108ChandrautaWDRWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
109Golghar, Krishnanagar WDRWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
110Krishnanagar Bazar, GSM BTS Site WDRWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
111Krishnanagar Bhansar,WRDWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
112Labani,(Lumbini Zone) WRDWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
113NT Office, Bahadurgunj WDRWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
114NT Office, Krishnanagar WDRWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
115TaulihwaWDRWRDKapilbastuAvailable Now
116Ranipauwa NTWRDKaskiAvailable Now
117Almonds CafeWRDKaskiAvailable Now
118APF pardiWRDKaskiAvailable Now
119Barahi ChowkWRDKaskiAvailable Now
120Barahi Chowk 1WDRKaskiAvailable Now
121Bhatbhateni pokharaWRDKaskiAvailable Now
122Bhatbhateni PokharaWDRKaskiAvailable Now
123Chame ManangWDRKaskiAvailable Now
124District police office kaskiWRDKaskiAvailable Now
125Gandaki HospitalWRDKaskiAvailable Now
126Gandaki Hospital PokharaWDRKaskiAvailable Now
127Ghandruk GSM SiteWRDKaskiAvailable Now
128Hallan ChowkWRDKaskiAvailable Now
129Hi-Tide cafWRDKaskiAvailable Now
130Mahendra Pool NTWDRKaskiAvailable Now
131Mahendrapul NTWRDKaskiAvailable Now
132Manipal HospitalWDRKaskiAvailable Now
133ManipalHospitalWRDKaskiAvailable Now
134Nepali Congress Party OfficeWRDKaskiAvailable Now
135P N CampusWRDKaskiAvailable Now
136PhoolBariPokharaWRDKaskiAvailable Now
137PN Campus BagarWDRKaskiAvailable Now
138Pokhara AirportWDRKaskiAvailable Now
139Pokhara AirportPokharaWRDKaskiAvailable Now
140Pokhara Engineering colleWRDKaskiAvailable Now
141Pokhara Engineering CollegeWDRKaskiAvailable Now
142Ranipauwa NTWDRKaskiAvailable Now
143Ranipauwal NTWDRKaskiAvailable Now
144Sarangkot View TowerWDRKaskiAvailable Now
145Sarangkot view towerWRDKaskiAvailable Now
146Siddhartha Chowk, Shree ComplexWDRKaskiAvailable Now
147Siddhartha ChowkShree ComplexWRDKaskiAvailable Now
148vijayapur army vyarekkaski lekhnathWRDKaskiAvailable Now
149Waling BazarWDRKaskiAvailable Now
150Gandruk GSM siteWDRKaskiComing Soon
151Pokhara Hospital PokharaWDRKaskiComing Soon
152Shanti Stupa PokharaWDRKaskiComing Soon
153Nepal police praxichanKRDKathamanduAvailable Now
154Acme Engineering CollegeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
155Advanced Engineering College, GushingalKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
156ARMY BARRACk NAGARJUNAKRDkathmanduAvailable Now
157ASAON CHOWKKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
158Ason KathmanduKTMKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
159Babarmahal Telecom OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
160Balambu Telecom OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
161Baneshwor ChowkKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
162Baneswor ChowkKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
163Bijeshwori kathmanduKTMKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
164Bir HospitalKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
165Blue Cross HospitalKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
166Brikuti MandapKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
167Chhauni Telecom OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
168Chhauni Telecom OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
169Dakshinkali MandirKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
170Dharahara premises, SundharaKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
171Fitness Studio, Lazimpat, Utter DhokaKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
172Ganga Lal HospitalKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
173Gangalaal HospitalKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
174Gongabu Bus Park (Lhotse Multipurpose Pvt .Ltd.)KTMKathmanduAvailable Now
175Head office BhadrakaliKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
176Helping Hands Community Hospital, ChabahilKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
177Indrayani Telecom OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
178ITB OFFICE SUNDHARAKRDkathmanduAvailable Now
179KalikasthanKTMKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
180Kantipur Eng CollegeKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
181Kantipur Engineering CollegeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
182Kapan NT OfficeKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
183Kathmandu Airport DomesticKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
184Kathmandu Airport InternationalKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
185Keshar MahalKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
186Keshar Mahal, RBB BankKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
187KIRTIPUR PANGA -9KRDKathmanduAvailable Now
188Kirtipur Telecom OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
189KMC Hospital, SInamangalKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
190Maharajgunj KathmanduKTMKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
191Nagarkot NT OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
192Narsingh ChowkKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
193Narsingh Chowk, Thamel (BTS site)KTMKathmanduAvailable Now
194Neco nepal Manmohan Memorial Medical CollegeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
195Neco NepalManamohan memo.KRDKathmanduAvailable Now
196Nepal police praxichanKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
197NMC AttarkhelKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
198NMC AttarkhelKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
199NT Central OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
200NT Counter PulchowkKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
201NT Counter SundharaKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
202NT Sundhara BuildingKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
203NT sundhara CounterKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
204PharpingKTMKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
205Prasuti GrihaKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
206SinamangalKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
207Star HospitalKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
208Star Hospital, BalkhuKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
209Teaching Hospital Eye CenterKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
210Thamel KwabhaalKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
211Thimi Telecom OfficeKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
212Tribhuwan parkKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
213Tribhuwan Park, ThankotKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
214TU KirtipurKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
215TU Kirtipur LibraryKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
216TU Teaching HospitalKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
217VayodayaHospitalKRDKathmanduAvailable Now
218Vayodha Hospital, BalkhuKTMKathmanduAvailable Now
219Alka HospitalKRDLalitpurAvailable Now
220Ashok Hll Patan DhokaKRDLalitpurAvailable Now
221B & B HospitalKRDLalitpurAvailable Now
222Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mangal bazarKTMLalitpurAvailable Now
223Mangal Bazar DupatKRDLalitpurAvailable Now
224NEA PulchowkKRDLalitpurAvailable Now
225Nepali Congress Party OfficeKRDLalitpurAvailable Now
226NT PatanKRDLalitpurAvailable Now
227Patan HospitalKTMLalitpurAvailable Now
228Patan HospitalKRDLalitpurAvailable Now
231Sundar Bazar AgricultureWRDLamjungAvailable Now
232Sundar Bazar Agriculture CollegeWDRLamjungAvailable Now
233Samudaik HospitalWDRLamjungComing Soon
234Samudayik HospitalWRDLamjung (Besisahar)Available Now
235Bardibas Bazar, JaleshwarCDRMahottariAvailable Now
236Ramgopalpur MahottariCRDMahottariAvailable Now
237Daman TowerCDRMakwanpurComing Soon
238ChameWRDManangAvailable Now
239Biratnagar AirportERDMorangAvailable Now
240Biratnagar AirportEDRMorangAvailable Now
241Koshi Zonal Hospital BiratnagarEDRMorangAvailable Now
242Neuro Hospital BiratnagarEDRMorangAvailable Now
243Nobel Medical CollegeEDRMorangAvailable Now
244Traffic Chowk, BiratnagarEDRMorangAvailable Now
245Jomsom AirportWDRMustangAvailable Now
246Jomsom AirportMustangWRDMustangAvailable Now
247KagbeniWDRMustangAvailable Now
248Kagbeni MustangWRDMustangAvailable Now
249KobangWRDMustangAvailable Now
250KobangWDRMustangAvailable Now
251LeteWDRMustangAvailable Now
252Lete MustangWRDMustangAvailable Now
253MarphaWDRMustangAvailable Now
254Marpha MustangWRDMustangAvailable Now
255Muktinath MandirWDRMustangAvailable Now
256MuktinathMustangWRDMustangAvailable Now
257TukucheWDRMustangAvailable Now
258Tukuche MustangWRDMustangAvailable Now
259DurbangWRDMyagdiAvailable Now
260Campus Chowk BeniWDRMyagdiAvailable Now
261GaleshworWDRMyagdiAvailable Now
262Galeshwor MyagdiWRDMyagdiAvailable Now
263Hotel DolphinWDRMyagdiAvailable Now
264Hotel DolphinMyagdiWRDMyagdiAvailable Now
265GhorepaniWDRMyagdiComing Soon
266TatopaniWDRMyagdiComing Soon
267Arubind AasharamWDRWRDNawalparasiAvailable Now
268Bardaghat WifiWRDNawalparasiAvailable Now
269BhairahawaWRDNawalparasiAvailable Now
270DevinagarWRDNawalparasiAvailable Now
271Parasi CDO officeWRDNawalparasiAvailable Now
272Rampur, kawasotiWRDNawalparasiAvailable Now
273Triveni VDCWRDNawalparasiAvailable Now
274Bageshwori TempleMWDRNepalgunjAvailable Now
275Kohalpur Medical CollegeMWDRNepalgunjAvailable Now
276Mahendra Multiple CollegeMWDRNepalgunjAvailable Now
277Nepalgunj AirportMWDRNepalgunjAvailable Now
278Nepalgunj Medical CollegeMWDRNepalgunjAvailable Now
279Rumjatar AirportERDOkhaldhungaAvailable Now
280Zero Point Bus standEDROkhaldhungaAvailable Now
281Bartung PalpaWDRWRDPalpaAvailable Now
282Bhimsen TolWRDPalpaAvailable Now
283Dubar Tole PalpaWRDPalpaAvailable Now
284KawasotiWRDPalpaAvailable Now
285Lumbini Medical CollegeWDRPalpaAvailable Now
286Madanpokhara PalpaWDRWRDPalpaAvailable Now
287Mission HospitalWDRPalpaAvailable Now
288Mission Hospital PALPAWRDPalpaAvailable Now
289Nepal Telecom TansenWDRWRDPalpaAvailable Now
290RampurPalpaWRDPalpaAvailable Now
291Tansen Multiple CampusWDRPalpaAvailable Now
292Tribhuvan Multiple Campus CommerceWDRPalpaAvailable Now
293Tribhuwan M. CampusPalpaWRDPalpaAvailable Now
294Ghantaghar Chowk BirganjCDRParsaAvailable Now
295Narayani Zonal Hospital BirganjCDRParsaAvailable Now
296National Medical Col BirganjCDRParsaAvailable Now
297Thakura Ram M. CampusCDRParsaAvailable Now
298Bijuwar Hospital FWDRMWRDPyuthanAvailable Now
299Bijuwar NTMWRDPyuthanAvailable Now
300Ji pra Ka MWDRMWRDPyuthanAvailable Now
301Khalanga NTMWRDPyuthanAvailable Now
302Swargadwari TempleMWRDPyuthanAvailable Now
303RolpaMWRDRolpaAvailable Now
304RUKUMMWRDRukumAvailable Now
305Rukum NTMWRDRukumAvailable Now
306AMDA Hospital DeepnagarWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
307AMDA Hospital DeepnagarWDRRupandehiAvailable Now
308Ashok HospitalBhairahawaWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
309Bhairahawa Bank road Milan ChowkWDRRupandehiAvailable Now
310Bhairahawa Bank road MilanchowkWDRRupandehiAvailable Now
311Bidrohi Chowk, BhairahawaWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
312Buddha Chowk BhairahawaWDRWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
313Butwal Multiple Campus, GolparkWDRRupandehiAvailable Now
314Butwal Multiple CampusButwalWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
315Crimson College of TechButwalWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
316Crimson College of TechnologyWDRRupandehiAvailable Now
317DevinagarWDRWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
318Gautam Buddha AirportWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
319GautamBudhha AirportWDRRupandehiAvailable Now
320Jogikuti RupendehiWestWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
321Lumbini Engineering CollegeWDRRupandehiAvailable Now
322Lumbini Engineering ColleLumbiniWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
323Mal Tole BhairahwaWDRWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
324ManigramRupendehiWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
325Milanchowk ButwalWDRWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
326Nagarpalika chowk, BhairahawaWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
327NT Mangalapur, WRDWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
328NT office ButwalWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
329Oxford CollegeWDRRupandehiAvailable Now
330Oxford CollegeButwalWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
331Paklihawa Agriculture College(West)WRDRupandehiAvailable Now
332Pharsatikar ChowkWestWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
333Rajmarga ChaurahaWestWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
334RamMandir Line WRD (Lumbini Zone)WRDRupandehiAvailable Now
335Ramphedi GSM BTS SiteWDRWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
336Rupandehi CDO OfficeWDRWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
337Shivapur, WDR(Lumbini zone)WRDRupandehiAvailable Now
338SunauliWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
339Universal Medical CollegeLumbiniWRDRupandehiAvailable Now
340Makalu Hotel ButwalWDRRupandehiComing Soon
341Salyan NTMWRDSalyanAvailable Now
342Nepali Congress Party OfficeKTMSanepaAvailable Now
343Fm Station, RajbirajEDRSaptariAvailable Now
344Gajendra Chowk, RajbirajEDRSaptariAvailable Now
345NT Office LahanEDRSirahaAvailable Now
346NT Office Siraha BazarEDRSirahaAvailable Now
347Lukla AirportEDRSolukhumbuComing Soon
348Bhanu Chowk DharanEDRSunsariAvailable Now
349Gorkha Department Store,ItahariEDRSunsariAvailable Now
350Gorkha Department Store,ItahariEDRSunsariAvailable Now
351Kendriya Prabidhi CampusEDRSunsariAvailable Now
352Kendriya Prabidhi campus, HattissarERDSunsariAvailable Now
353Mahendra Campus DharanEDRSunsariAvailable Now
354Saptakoshi FM ItahariEDRSunsariAvailable Now
355Saptakoshi FM ItahariEDRSunsariAvailable Now
356TR Hospital Biratnagar Line ItahariEDRSunsariAvailable Now
357Yatayat Office ItahariEDRSunsariAvailable Now
358Birendra Multiple CampusMWRDSurkhetAvailable Now
359Birendra Multiple CampusMWDRSurkhetAvailable Now
360Education CampusMWDRSurkhetAvailable Now
361Education CampusMWRDSurkhetAvailable Now
362Regional HospitalMWDRSurkhetAvailable Now
363Regional HospitalMWRDSurkhetAvailable Now
364Surkhet AirportMWDRSurkhetAvailable Now
365Surkhet AirportMWRDSurkhetAvailable Now
366Surkhet NTMWRDSurkhetAvailable Now
367Syangja CDO OfficeWRDSyanjaAvailable Now
368Waling CampusWRDSyanjaAvailable Now
369Waling CampusWDRSyanjaAvailable Now
370Damauli CampusCDRTanahuAvailable Now
371Damauli NTWRDTanahuAvailable Now
372Taplejung NTEDRTaplejungAvailable Now
373Dhankuta Bus StandEDRTerhathumAvailable Now
374Rapti Babai CampusMWDRTulsipurAvailable Now
375Rapti Babai CampusMWDRTulsipurAvailable Now
376Gaighat BazarEDRUdaypurAvailable Now
Randomly listed. Last updated October 31, 2015 based on information provided by Nepal Telecom, WiMAX, Wireless Broadband Internet Service. Some of the NT WiFi or WiMAX Hotspot locations might have been removed or with revised names or coming soon.

List of Abbreviations used:

AP = Access Point
SSID = Set Service Identification
WiFi = Wireless Fidelity

Locations updated from NT.

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  1. Ishwor Man Tuladhar says

    How to log out?
    It’s a very good service only for Ntc customer.
    How many times I can use it?

  2. Ganesh Dhakal says

    Awesome. Nepal Telecom le yeti bhaye pani garekai ho. Asti Ghandruk jada pani NT WiFi nai chalaiyo teha 3G chahi thiyena; so no problem.
    Thanks for sharing the list guys, I’ll check the list next time I travel.

  3. Rameshwor Tiwari says

    Nice list of Nepal Telecom’s WiFi hotspots.
    Would been better if Telecom also provides location map of all of its hotspots in Nepal.

  4. manik says

    ku dhulikhel ma yo service available hunchha?

    1. tsroot says

      As of now there are 376 NTC WiFi Hotspots thru out the country. But sadly Kavre district is not covered yet. Hence, we are afraid you might have to wait before NT WiFi comes to KU Dhulikhel.

  5. Rabesh says

    i didnot get login info
    I just waste 40 Rs while try to send sms to ntc for login info

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