Verizon increases its VoD offerings, now with HD VoD


Another good news in broadband industry. Verizon has recently increased its Video-on-Demand offerings to more than 18k titles per month. This number outreached twice the size of the VoD library that the country’s largest cable provider had.

Verizon has increased its video-on-demand offerings to more than 18,000 titles per month, which it said was nearly twice the size of the VOD library that was available from “the country’s largest cable provider.”

Verizon also claims to have more HD VOD titles than Comcast with its recent addition of 1,000 new HD titles. The recent additions expand Verizon’s HD VOD collection by 70 percent, for a total of 2,400 monthly HD VOD choices.

Just last month, Verizon added new HD on-demand content from HBO, Cinemax, Starz and The Movie Channel, along with an additional 140 hours of movies on-demand from Encore.

FiOS TV recently added new on-demand content from Mav TV, a network targeting men that features wrestling, fishing, roller derby and gaming, as well as new content from Sony with "Minisodes," – which offers condensed versions of previously broadcast, full length, TV shows – and "Crackle," which offers television shows and original series.

In addition, FiOS TV VOD will soon include BBC America, with a selection of original programming from the British network; high-def on-demand content from IFC, WE TV and AMC; and Halogen, a new TV network that targets socially conscious individuals.

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