TechSansar's Disclosure on External Links

We at Team TechSansar often link to the products, services and similar topic we talk about. In this regard, we try to link familiar and well known companies that have keen pricing and offer a high level of service and support. And many times, TechSansar also promotes start-ups and growing companies.

All team members at TechSansar believe in fairness however if you believe that our destination choices or external links shared in pages, posts, and other forms of website pages – including those in network pages of TechSansar – could be improved; we are always welcoming and shall look into your feedback to improve.

Fairness in Business; TechSansar believes in fairness ethics and disclosure.
Fairness in Business; TechSansar believes in fairness ethics and disclosure.

Some companies operate affiliate programs, meaning if you purchase the product or service by following a link on our site we could receive a commission. There are often conditions on time, visits and other factors that frequently negate any commission.

We generally use a tool that automatically checks if link destinations have affiliate programs available. If they do, the tool modifies the link to use the available program. In most of the cases, TechSansar editors ensure affiliate links manually in the pages published in the website.

Our main focus is to provide convenient links to reputable sources for the product/service we reference. Operating an affiliate program is not a condition for linking — keen pricing, service and reputation is.

We use the commission we receive to support the sites, its writers and staff and to purchase products for review or preview. It also allows us to reduce our reliance on advertising.

How to contact or report us: If you have any questions or suggestions or comments regarding our disclosure of external or affiliate links; you can contact us via one of the following means: