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Here are a collection of top articles (and links) published in TechSansar by its authors and guest writers. You might want to scan through the list under the given headings. To make list precise and functional, we trim the bullets on top number. List updated the last day of every month (whenever done).

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  1. [How to] NTC 3G: Activate, subscribe & purchase Internet data package: Guided tutorial
  2. How to Configure DIGICOM ADSL Router for NTC ADSL
  3. Overview of Wireless Internet Service (WiFi) Providers in Nepal
  4. Free SMS to Nepal, WebSMS to Ncell and Nepal Telecom – Telecom
  5. DTH Service in Nepal, FAQs – Featured
  6. iPhone and iPad emulator applications – for your eyes only – Featured
  7. Free Wi-Fi and Hotspots in Kathmandu – Kathmandu
  8. Secure your NTC ADSL, how to tips – Tips & Tricks
  9. Top reasons why You should Quit FACEBOOK
  10. How to use NTC SIM with Ncell data Connect device [Hack Tutorial]
  11. List of Postal PIN / ZIP Codes in Nepal
  12. Market: Getting latest market price of electronic gadgets in Nepal
  13. Nepali Fonts – download & install in Windows, Mac & Ubuntu
  14. Hack Ncell 3G or Hack NTC, why do they even exist?
  15. How to use a removable disk for Windows Vista’s ReadyBoost? Increase your system performance by using your pen drive as an alternative to extra RAM

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