List of Postal PIN / ZIP Codes in Nepal

Postal ZIP Codes in NepalThe General Post Office (GPO) Sundhara, Kathmandu, as the central office of the post mails and associated, has published the complete list of postal codes in Nepal. These postal codes resemble the ZIP codes in the US and the other countries. While filling online registration or sign up forms in many websites and offline applications as well, we sometimes get struck on the ZIP code form field – this confusion can be omitted by using the postal code associated with your nearest Post Office Code. For quick resolution, the Postal ZIP code of Kathmandu is 44600, the Code of Pokhara is 33700, find the rest below.

Though officially there is no trend of using these Postal or ZIP codes in Nepal, we require them at various purposes. The Postal/PIN/ZIP code for Nepal is generated by the General Post Office, and maintained at the GPO Website– the extract of which is listed here in

You can use the following box to search your ZIP code or the nearest postal code in certain locations/cities/villages of Nepal and the nearest Post Office code will be displayed on the GPO’s official website instantly. Start by selecting your district or city in the drop down option menu below.

Attention: The internal data of table “2” is corrupted!

 You can download the full list of the postal codes of Nepal in pdf file here.

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