How to use NTC SIM with Ncell data Connect device [Hack Tutorial]

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Ncell is supposed to be one of the fastest internet service providers trending in Nepal. A small Data Connect device with a Ncell Data 3G SIM inside, provides with 3.6MBps of internet speed. Ncell is determined to introduce new innovative services and facilities to the people of Nepal. It has already received license to operate an ISP, and started with “Ncell Connect” as a high speed wireless data service providing branded Wi-Fi router as well.

With great services you need big investments too. Ncell is also thought to be expensive when it comes to GPRS Service. On the same board, there is NTC to compete on market. NTC also has its 3G service activated on the major cities of Nepal and in compared with Ncell, the tariff plan is some what cheaper. As in Ncell’s Prepaid Sim, it costs Rs.8 per MB and in data SIM it cost Rs.2 per MB, where as in NTC Prepaid Sim it cost 0.05 Paisa per 100kb which is about Rs 0.6 per MB.

So, on this hack tutorial you will be learning how to use NTC SIM with Ncell data connect Device. Neither Ncell nor NTC has been acknowledged about this process. Try it at your own risk and do not attempt to enter the wrong unlock code several times. It may lead to damage of your Ncell connect. This hack was tried on the USB Ncell connect, we will also be discussing about hacking Ncell WiFi router’s Setting asap.

  1. Disconnect ncell connect from PC and remove NCELL connect data card from Ncell connect .
  2. Write down IMEI of Ncell connect to a paper or in your computer (IMEI no. is at back of Ncell connect device at the place where data sim is inserted).
  3. Open Huawei Unlocker Download it here.

    Hack your Ncell Connect to use low price internet
    Hack your Ncell Connect to use low price internet
  4. Enter IMEI of NCell connect device and press Calculate Code
Unlock Ncell Connect with Simple Hack
Unlock Ncell Connect Device with Simple Hack
  1. Insert NCELL connect to the USB port without sim card.
  2. Paste the unlock code generated from Huawei Unlocker and unlock the device.

    Generate Unlock Code for Ncell Connect Device Hack
    Generate Unlock Code for Ncell Connect Device Hack
  3. Insert NTC sim card and start configuring the profile management under option of Ncell connect software.

    Namaste(NTC) 3G setting on Ncell Connect
    Namaste(NTC) 3G setting on Ncell Connect
  4. Create a new profile with name NTC (as you wish) and APN static and write down at APN as “ntnet” without commas.

    NTC ntnet Setting after unlocking Ncell Connect Device
    NTC ntnet Setting after unlocking Ncell Connect Device
  5. Click on save and do not modify other settings for NTC.
  6. Restart ncell connect software and select profile as ntc instead of ncell and connect.
  7. Enjoy surfing internet from NTC sim card (3G sim preferred for fast connection).

    Connect NTC 3G network from Ncell Connect Device
    Connect NTC 3G network from Ncell Connect Device
  8. You can change your 2G sim to 3G sim at NTC office (postpaid free; prepaid Rs 100 charge to change from 2G to 3G SIM).

Note: If step 6 did not work then insert NTC sim card in step 5 and repeat the process.

So, by here you can use NTC 3G Internet Service on to Ncell Connect device, by simply unlock Ncell Connect. Some may take it as Hacking Ncell Network.

If you find it difficult to generate Unlock Code of your Ncell Connect Device, leave your IMEI number on comment box, we will generate unlock codes for you. Again to see your IMEI number Open Ncell Connect Software, Go to Tools – -> Diagnostics and find it on Device tab.

Thanks to Madhusudhan Baral for Screenshots.

[su_highlight]Please, do not public post your IMEI number as it is your device’s unique identity and others can manipulate it. [/su_highlight]

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  1. Rupak Parajuli says

    I couldn’t enter the unlock code for Ncell connect after inserting Ncell connect without SIM? It doesn’t display the dialog box as yours’ i.e “unlock the data card” What may be the solution to this problem ?

    1. Team says

      Insert the NTC SIM and try it again. It will show the “UNLOCK data card” screen

      1. Rupak Parajuli says

        Thanks guys! It works. But, it’s very slow. 🙁

        1. Krishna Suwal says

          Nepal Telecom is expanding its 3G service all over nepal in coming days. Make sure you are in reach of its 3G service currently.

        2. Lovely Singh Manees says

          oi pasa

          k ko yesto

  2. zurraj m'dhar says

    thank works fast on 3G sim……

  3. Navin Adhikari says

    it works

  4. Ananta Koirala says

    I don’t understand why should I hack NCELL data card and activate my NTC’s prepaid 3G sim where the cost is almost same. If you buy 5GB package of Ncell it costs 0.07/MB and as u mentioned NTC 3G cost 0.06/MB. I’m using NTC prepaid 3G and it is very hard to get it works but while talking about Ncell 3G it works almost everywhere. Can u plz make me understand?

    1. Krishna Suwal says

      Explain me the solution if i dont need 5 GB package. NTC data rate is Rs 0.06/MB without any package ie even if we use a single MB data.

  5. satendra says

    thanks .. ncell connect is now ntc connect …

  6. kamal says

    probably this is not the right place to request but can techsansar admin guys write an article explaining how to share Wi-Max USB dongle or USB receiver over wifi without computer. basically my question is, is it possible to connect wimax USB thing in wireless router?? like i am using one 21 mbps USB modem(similar to Ncell connect) with my linksys router which has USB port on it and i can configure it via browser…is it possible do same with wimax?????? please someone help….

    1. Don says

      Destroy your data card and buy a new ncell connect data card :p

  7. umesh says

    i tried but it wouldn’t unlock……..i clicked direct unlock button but it shows reading………help me

    1. aman bajracharya says

      first use imei and calculate code. it will give you the unlock code and flash code. now insert your ntc sim in ncell connect device and then open ncell connect (not the huawei unlocker). now it will ask you the unlock code and then simply type the unlock code and the device will be unlocked. then after create the profile with apn ntnet after clicking static button and leave the rest. now you are ready to use ntc connect 😀

  8. Rujan NEupane says

    मेरो मा त भएन , अनलक भयो , कनेक्सन हरु पनि मिल्यो तर ईन्टरनेटमा कनेक्ट भएन।

  9. rajendra says

    5605204040460 imei of e1550

    1. luzan says

      Sorry, that was not valid imei. Make sure you are using Huawei Device

  10. ranjit says

    can i use cdma evdo sim on ncell data connect???

    1. luzan says

      Dear Ranjit,
      Ncell connect device does not support CDMA UIM or RIM. It only supports SIM cards.
      You can find other device in market from rs 1600+ that supports CDMA UIMs.


  11. BK says

    Unable to download Huawei Unlocker. It shows the following notice, is there any other solution for this proble?

    File Download Blocked

    The file you attempted to download has been previously claimed by a copyright holder through a valid DMCA request and cannot be downloaded.

    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

    1. Team says

      Previous link reached maximum downloads. You can use this link

  12. Krishna says

    After unlocking the device to use NTC SIM, if I wish back to use NCELL SIM, does it work?

    1. Ekendra says

      Yes, it works. The device is unlocked to all other GSM networks (including NCell itself.)

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  14. Sachin says

    Imei number :356052048229802
    plz reply me with its unluck code

    1. luzan says

      Unlock Code : 44569846
      Flash Code : 39838158

  15. Abhay Ray says

    My IMEI 354638041043380
    plz reply me with its unluck code

    1. luzan says

      Your Ncell device unlock codes for IMEI 354638041043380 are :
      Unlock Code : 66721185
      Flash Code : 49896228

      1. Abhay Ray says

        thank u its working smoothly

  16. jpt says

    Is it possible that after

  17. Antariksha says

    wow…its works… NT 3G is fast than NCell..

  18. DG says

    Wow! Great post team.. I cracked ncell data connect successfully and using it now.
    For your information. If i purchase 1GB package in ncell data connect it cost only 0.8paisa..

  19. Android Sansar says

    How to unlock NCell Router to use NTC Sim?

    1. Android Sansar says

      It worked on Ncell connect usb dongle but not on NCell connect router. Help please.

      1. luzan says

        Ncell Connect Router is of different model. That’s the reason.

  20. Rupak Parajuli says

    After unlocking my Ncell connect, I couldn’t recharge my Ncell sim. Is this due to unlocking procedure? Please! Guys I need solution. [Maile pheri ncell kai sim halera net chalauda yesto problem aayo]

    1. luzan says

      To recharge Ncell Data SIM from Ncell Connect, simply

      1. switch back to Ncell settings
      2. Goto Message tab
      3. Type the PIN number of your recharge card and send SMS to 90012.


  21. kishor kc says

    its not called hack….if yes… what is the benifit of this hack?…….lol

  22. Android Sansar says

    do you have any unlocking solution for NCell Router?

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  24. Kashi Raj Karki says

    Can we use this ncell connect for ntc cdma sky sim?

  25. Shashank Bhattarai says

    Doe snot work in 3G ZTE Ncell Modem I got from Ncell.

  26. Nikx says

    i have configured everything and ntc is connected as well but it disconnects after every few minutes…my ntc sim is 3G sim….can u plz give a solution??

    1. luzan says

      We would love to help but, i thing you are still missing some thing to configure. Or check if internet service is enabled for you SIM

  27. Pusker kafle says

    Please send me my unlocked code. My IMEI number is 356052040462443…I’m weaiting your reply with my unlocked code!
    Have a great day!

    1. luzan says

      Unlock Code : 63519196
      Flash Code : 39415811

      1. Pusker KAFLE says

        Is it my unlock coed ani flash coed bhaneko k Ho ni yo k ma kaam huncha
        Please clear me

  28. rajsh says

    i pasted the unlock code but it doesnt work

  29. Sushil Kafle says

    I have unlocked and configured my device as directed. But, when I choose the profile NTC from the connection interface and press onto Connect, it immediately shows the Network Connection Prompt dialog box with the message “Connection terminated”.
    Additionally, I am able to send message through the device with NTC sim.

    What may be the solution?

    1. Ekendra says

      Looks like it is an strange issue. Once unlocked it should show your NTC network, go to options select preferred network selection 2G preferred or 3G ONLY or something you opt for, then you might be required to create a new connection profile if that error keeps coming.

  30. arwin says

    Sir… is my imei no..waiting for my unlock code…reply sooon

    1. techs says

      Please, do not public post your IMEI number as it is your device’s unique identity and others can manipulate it.

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  32. Manjul Bhattarai says

    Does this work in the opposite way? Like i want to use Ncell sim on Ntc Data card? What would be the procedure?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Team says

      There is no opposite way here. It is bidirectional in usage. Once unlocked any SIM card works with the device even Ncell’s own.

  33. krish lazir says

    i need my unlock code plz..
    imei 354638047356612

    1. Bishnu Paudel says

      Ur unlock code : 34933113
      ur flash code : 37945436

  34. Bishnu Paudel says

    uuu hoooo download speed 500 kbps+ …

  35. RAJ says


  36. Deepak Gyawli says

    My IME no. 356052040430044
    but i can’t found my unlock code, please support me.

  37. tony says

    You mentioned the NTC data rate is 0.05/100KB, but it’s not, it’s actually 0.10/100 KB in GSM, please check

    1. Shushil says

      Yes, tony. You are right. NTC increased their price of GSM internet data from 5 paisa per 100KB to 10 paisa. NTA must have approved of that.

  38. tony says

    0.05/KB is for CDMA which can’t be used in GSM device not even in Ncell data Card

  39. tony says

    and if U want to use any Sim card from NTC or Ncell as wify, U need to buy the unlocked one, I can provide you it @ Nrs 7000/pc, made by Huawei. Can be used any sim card anywhere in the world

  40. deepak says

    why use NTC 3g? it is simply unusable. you can hardly get what’s the point of it being cheap? the service is also cheap.there is no’s frustrating using NTC. so pay more but get a better service.

    1. Ekendra says

      Yes, Deepak. NTC 3G is not omnipresent (but the same case with Ncell) and is comparatively slower on the outskirts of the vallery. While they are limited to 7.2 Mbps speed, they tend to have multiple user base on the same streaming bandwidth (the private company Ncell already has over 42 Mbps on their cell – they, though, share the bandwidth just like NTC.)

  41. Diwash says

    My modem doesn’t ask me to unlock the device

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  43. Meelon says

    Do u have any idea to find the password of ncell modem? If u have please provide me info

  44. Manish bhattarai says

    I want to use ncell dongle with my macbook. Can someone please tell me how to. I am working in Mugu district and I need Internet . I’m using the new os yosemite. Please can someone email me how to do

  45. ashish gautam says

    My modal is Huawei e35315-2 and my imie code is 860556029812039.
    The unlock code obtain from given app cant match.what can i do for it.i only have 5 attempts please help me.

  46. Sujan says

    where to paste unlock code ?

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