Register to Ncell E-care, Manage Account details, Call Records and Send Free SMS [How to]

Past some years Nepali Telecom Environment is being flourishing in good speed in Nepal. Government telecom company Nepal Telecom and private telecom company Ncell are in the verge of competitive market in providing best Telecom services around country. Talking about Ncell, Ncell was rebranded from Mero Mobile in March 12 2012. Back from that time Ncell is providing best services from its reach.

Ncell Nepal

E-care is a service, Ncell claim to give it from the very beginning, but only few of its user are well known about this service and are using at the very time. Using Ncell E-care service, Ncell customers can use the Number Account from web and Add / Remove various other services provided by Ncell.

Update: You can check your latest call records or transactions directly from Ncell’s mobile app as well.

Through this tutorial, we will be learning how to register Ncell SIM for New subscriber, Activate E-care service and Use E-care service to send Free SMS from Ncell to Ncell online.

How to Register Ncell SIM Online for New Subscriber

 If you are a new subscriber for Ncell, then you may want to register you SIM under your credentials. This is already done by Ncell office if you have withdrawn SIM recently. Remember for that you may have had withdrawn you SIM from Ncell Customer Care office near your reach.  This is not mandatory.  To register you SIM as New Subscriber follow the below instructions:

  1. Hover to My Account tab and choose E-care under that. (Ncell’s website pop-ups suggesting to use IE7 or IE8 for better E-services)
  2. Now Click on Register for New SIM
  3. Fill up the form with your credentials
  4. Click on submit

Now, your SIM is being registered or your SIM’s credentials is being updated.

How to Activate E-care service for Ncell SIM

To use Ncell E-care service for first time you have to activate E-care service on your SIM via Internet verification method. Follow the steps below to activate E-care service in Ncell SIM.

  1. Go to Ncell’s E-care Page
  2. Click on Activate your ecare account
  3. Fill up the form : Under MDN – Enter you Mobile number
  4. Under Certificate Type – Choose certificate type with which Ncell’s SIM was registered
  5. Under Certificate No. – Enter certificate number. Eg Citizenship number if Ncell SIM was registered with Citizenship
  6. Click on Validate User Info
    Send Free SMS online from Ncell using Ecare service
    Send Free SMS online from Ncell using Ecare service

    After this you will be redirected to another page for verification of the mobile number with a form as show in the picture below

  7. Click on Get Verification code by SMS
  8. You will soon receive Message on same number with a verification code, insert that code in the textbox
  9. Choose a good password for your number and click on Submit
  10. Up to here, Ncell SIM is activated for E-care services to be used from web. Now you can Login in to Ncell E-care Services

How to Use Ncell E-care Service to Send Free SMS

Through Ncell E-care service it’s customers are provided with many other services, one can activate or de-activate services from web. Besides that, Ncell customers are allowed to send 10 free text messages per day from E-care page i.e. (Ncell to Ncell).

To use Ncell E-care Service to send free SMS follow these steps:

Using Ncell Ecare Service for Sending Free SMS
Using Ncell Ecare Service for Sending Free SMS
  1. Go to Ncell E-care Page
  2. In Login Type choose Individual
  3. In MDN Text box enter your Mobile number
  4. Enter Password
  5. On verification box, write the code in captcha

With all true login info, you will be directed to E-care dashboard with list of different services and their information. There are options to Activate and Deactivate various services for Ncell’s clients.
Now to send free SMS follow the instruction below:

  1. On the Sidebar, click on Business info Maintain.
  2. On sub menu, click on Send SMS, that shows form similar to the picture in post.
  3. Under Phone no, – Enter Mobile number to which message is to be send.
  4. Under Message – Enter message (Remember Max character is 160)
  5. Choose Sending Deadline and click on submit

So, through this post we discussed how to Register new Ncell SIM online, Activate E-care service and Use E-care service to Send Free SMS online from Ncell to Ncell.
See, our YouTube tutorial video on How to  Register to Ncell E-care and Send Free SMS

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