Hack Ncell 3G or Hack NTC, why do they even exist?

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Hack Ncell 3G or Hack NTC
Hack Ncell 3G or Hack NTC

Recently, I received a notification in a Social Network that claimed of a successful trick to “hack Ncell 3G”. A quick link took me to a spammy looking article in a Blog*Spot blog published in early 2010. The article was written entirely in a tricky way, and if it was the case of 2010 and Nokia’s early so-called smart phones were to be used, most of the users would have tried to get a free 3G service from Ncell.

Personally, I have heard of enough Ncell tricks to allure myself to give them a try, however, hardly I would do one as a techie. Let’s recall what people – mostly +2ers would found otherwise wasted Ncell hacks – some tricks or hacks to make free international calls, others to send free SMS to as many people as you want, some hacks to use Ncell’s Data Connect to use with NTC or any other operator’s SIM or UIM card, some hacks to recharge Ncell’s card/PIN in multiple mobile phones simultaneously.

.. and so there are the tricks!

Neither Ncell have ever released any data on such things nor all people have found these so called “Ncell hacks” work for them. Back to 2009, a friend of mine, borrowed another friend’s Mero Mobile SIM (Spice rebranded Mero Mobile to Ncell only in February 2010) with an intention to call his brother in India. Later that day, he disclosed that Ncell’s international call was free that day, while others were boosting they did a hack to make free calls.

However, it was Ncell’s system or tower upgrading failure that lead to thousands of unmonitored and free international calls that people would notice in a while. Such thing has happened many times even in Nepal Telecom’s (NT) network – specially free national calls and SMS. Let’s not  discuss about reliability in upgrading leakage (the dormant time during the process of upgrading system) of Nepalese telecom companies here as we all know how well these companies are serving (?) the Nepalese customers; hacks are enough!

Back to our story of “Hack Ncell 3G or Hack NTC”, like most of the Nepalese journos I did gather a figure of 5,410 results on Google search result page (SERP) while querying “hack ncell 3g” (intentional query so as to figure out how much copy-pasters would really get with Blog*Spot thing and mesmerize innocent Nepalese internet users!) The same article entitled “Hack Ncell 3G internet to use for free!” published by at least 139 times by different bloggers not only in Blogspot or WordPress sites but also international content farms and sites alike (139 was the number where I left counting on the first 20 Google result pages.)Cellular Mobile service provider tower in Nepal

Enough numbers. Who the hell would even waste their time trying to configure such non-existent hacks. At least such hacks don’t exist today but triers might.

Well, how did such things go viral. Viral? Yes, it should been viral. One post in total adult rated Blog*Spot blog was commented an overwhelming 121 times, while another in international content farm was viewed 7 thousand times. So, people might have their lucky hands with.

Good Internet is a Destiny NOT hacks!

Conclusion: Did I not talk about NT specifically? This is not the case. In our world, a USSD query generating response for the last time’s data usage showing after 10 minutes is a horrible story (the person would surely think the got it for FREE until its the 10th minute a response ting ting on his mobile screen.) People are bound to search for hacks, many times cracks, or should our services not be accessible to all.

Should our telecom companies not come with user-based or user-generated Internet packages suited for them? Should NTC limit their just-working Mbps 3G service in the downtown only? Should Ncell suck per MB of package for a piece of Mo:Mo in a decent restaurant? We all are well versed in totality – used to paying for something that should been evaluated, valued to our everyday usage.

This way… it will take us years, if not decades, before we go a true Western style Internet at our reach – a true broadband to cast from Google Chromecast to my living room TV or play a EdX course on my tablet or stream that Dashain moment to my niece in another part of the world. I’m using Internet at the extreme pathetic level, most of us in fact are. And we are helpless, let’s hack 3G together. Hack for a reach. Hack for a betterment.

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  1. sucked one by ntc says

    I don’t care what they(NT)state in words or in theory however i am also one of those thirsty head for the flow of internet.In one word it is the decayed culture.It is just an example of damp passive system that they always bring some new serif in town for the name of internet,such as evdo,3g,wimax,adsl ..It sucks in service and even in charge also.shame for it .ntc here refrers to never telecommunication.

  2. Dharmesh says

    Both Ncell and NTC suck in a way or the other.
    Ncell claim to have good towers and signals (which is not always true as we have seen Ncell tower frequently down during Loadshedding and rain) and charge its own customers damn high rates.
    NTC on the other hand sucks in more than one service – their almost all services have no customer service, as they are run with old thinking, customers come in first while giving their new sim cards but last when it is service after sales. You should come up with some on this.
    This is totally intolerable, what is NTA doing with QoS here? They run on a scheme “ta gare jasto gar ma niyam baya jasto garchu, last ma lootne ta janata lai nai ho” and this is totally pathetic.
    PS: I’m a Telecom Engineer working in one of the companies.

    1. krishna says

      Yes its absolutely true that NTC should improve its service and customer care, NCELL ta bideshi bhai hale usko k kura garne. Nepalma yo telecom service ko quality poor ra price high hunu ma sabai bhanda dosh hamro NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) lai nai janchha kina bhane NTA le telecom company sanga 5-5 barsha ma 20 arba rupaiya tiraunchha. 2Crore janasankhya bhayeko desh ma 1 crore le mobile chalaula ra tyo 1 crore janata bata 20 arba(ntc) + 20 arba(ncell) garera 5 years ma 40 arba bhane ko dherai huge amount ho. Ncell le ta paisa badhayera tax chhalera bhayepani tirchha, tara ntc le k garchha ta? So malai lagchha yo nepalma chahi telecom sewa sudhar nahunu ra mahango hunu ma NTA kai haat chha.

  3. Manoj Khadka says

    NTC and Ncell provide internet all over the Nepal, but its not improve both of bandwidth just look like NTC adsl and 2G network download and upload its LOL. when i open Tablet device internet relay i kick the ass of NTC and Ncell 2G service. when is come faster provide NET like year 2080 i thing.

    1. Team TechSansar.com says

      Exactly Manoj ji, that’s what this article focuses about. A hack – obviously an ethical one which we all need, we need speed no hyped promises.

  4. Navin Adhikari says

    hack do exist. Most of the people who claim to be hacker are just crackers . Without broad knowledge on networking and programming , hacking is almost impossible. What you found on the google search results, are post written by the crackers. These are the people who try few setting and surprisingly worked for them and shared. Loop hole do exist, using ntmms access point to surf https protocols worked in one of my NTC 3G sim but not in other sim. I don’t find any wrong in testing such post if you find one you are lucky. After all free is free………………..

  5. Neeraj sapkota says

    WOrking trick for free NTC 3G latest 2014 100% working visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFrfMgc45Fg

  6. Marjorie says

    Help and advice needed – we are going to Nepal to cover the earthquake in news using cellular bonded technology to stream the footage live back to SINGAPORE
    Which telco prepaid SIM cards should we buy ?

    1. Staff Editor says

      Sorry for late reply. We were also hard hit by the earthquake.
      You should probably buy Ncell Sim cards but sadly none of the telcos operating their sales and recharge facilities ever since. We have been using both Ncell & Nepal Telecom 3G service to live broadcast via Periscope & uStream.

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