Factory resetting & hacking Ncell Connect mobile router MiFi device to user another operator's data SIM

Got problems with your portable wireless router that use your 3G SIM card to connect on-the-go? Here is how to factory reset your Ncell connect mobile router aka Mi-Fi device. Also with some favor you can use the mobile router with another operator’s SIM card in order to create your own Wireless broadcast network.

SIM Locked Ncell Connect Wireless Router
SIM Locked Ncell Connect Wireless Router
[note] If you still don’t know what Ncell Connect Wireless Router (MiFi Device) is, it is a good idea to check out earlier post on it. Know more about Ncell’s Wi-Fi Router Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to factory reset Ncell Connect Mobile Wireless Router?

Method 1: Hold the WPS and Power buttons simultaneously until the LED screen turns off, and then release the buttons.The device will restart automatically and restore to the factory default setting.

Method 2: You can also restore the device to the factory default settings directly from the WebGUI configuration page. Visit http://home.ufi/ to begin with.

Power management: In the sleep mode (10 minutes of inactivity), the Wi-Fi function will be disabled. Press Power or WPS button to wake up the device, and the LED screen will be turned on. With USB connection if no Wi-Fi user connects to the device within 10 minutes, only the W-Fi function will be disabled. Hold the WPS button about 3 seconds to enable this function.

How to boost reception of Mobile wireless router?

Use the original external antenna if necessary. Ncell Connect MiFi Wireless Router Network & Speed Ncell Connect is capable of using the full scale of mobile networks. A mobile data network consists of different carriers to establish connection to internet, email, etc.

The bandwidth that you can receive is dependent on your location and number of other users also being online. Therefore, a bandwidth rate is note guaranteed, but should be used as guidance only.

No matter what package you have Connect will always find the best bandwidth connection for you ~ Source Ncell Connect package. The same applies to other network’s SIM / UIM or packages.

How to get maximum value out of your Ncell Connect?

If you want to get maximum benefit from your Ncell Connect, remember to buy a MB package. When you buy a package you save money compared to paying per MB. Ncell offers a variety of package suitable for low, medium and high usage – and with all packages there is a cost save.

The USIM is unusable in this terminal. USIM locked Mobile Hotspot Device
The USIM is unusable in this terminal. USIM locked Mobile Hotspot Device

How to unlock Mobile Router: Ncell Connect Mifi Device?

The device might been locked in multiple ways – PIN locked, password locked, network locked. Unlocking Ncell Connect MF 60 MiFi Device is quite tricky if the mobile router is network locked.

PIN Management on GUI Web based portal to manage PIN lock of Mobile Router
PIN Management on GUI Web based portal to manage PIN lock of Mobile Router

PIN Code Verification: If the PIN Code of your SIM card is enabled, you will need to input the PIN Code when you login at the first time on your device. The SIM card can be locked when entered wrong PIN code. The PIN status can be modified by going to Settings > Advanced > PIN Management to perform PIN change process.

Altering Quick Settings: In many cases after logging in to the device, select Quick Settings, follow the wizard, guides you accordingly. The wizard guides you how to set the basic parameters for your device the safest way. Usually, the network or service provider preset the parameters so try your luck by altering in quacking settings.

Drivers and software downloaded via ZTE official Mobile hotspot device page.

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