Nepalese Social Networking Websites – review [updated]

Nepali Social Networking Sites - img by GorkhaCreed
Nepali Social Networking Sites – img by GorkhaCreed

Well, we are convinced by now that nearly the whole of the Internet Population in Nepal uses Facebook, the most popular social networking website (Read: सामाजिक सञ्जाल फेसबुक र ट्वीटरमा कति नेपाली होलान्?) As of March 3, 2012, there are more than 13 lakh Nepalese in the Facebook. While this large number of netizens are using international social networks, there are more than a dozen Nepalese or Nepal-based Social networks already – most of them are clone of Facebook in one or the other aspect.

Usual features like wall posting, images and videos sharing, group formation and page creation, chating/IM etc. are found in all of these social sites. Sadly, none of these so-called Nepalese Social Networks have user interface in Nepali language itself (except one, find it below) and don’t use Secure version (https). Let’s explore this list of Nepalese social networks.

Nepali youths and netizens are taking about the latest social site in the K-town but are these truly Nepali social networks. Making a new free social media site has become easy using Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms and our publishing houses easy get them covered without understanding the technology used behind. Whatever the situation is, let’s see what are the latest free social sites in our context.


sangaalo-social-network-site-nepalSangaalo, be connected with the friends, is a Nepalese social networking website from Princeton media, Kathmandu launched in last October 2011. Users gain points based on their 3-tier of account and activities. When we signed up, our rank allowed us to assume Sangaalo has a user-base of 3 thousand profiles only. It seems like the people behind the website just don’t care about typos, ToC & Privacy (you can read what’s wrong with them). We couldn’t create our fan page without a personal account, here is an extract from the press release of Sangaalo. is a Social Networking web site for everybody’s needs providing online services for finding friends, sharing views & thoughts, business exchange like buy and sell, social and community hangouts, entertainment, business plans , trade shows, gifts, events, blogs, groups, pages for business or organizations,chat, videos, photos and a lot more. This social networking site allows users to post comments in the wall, share information,comment and recommend videos and music to their followers, with an emphasis on the social community trends. ~


thulo-nepalese-social-networkThulo, yet another Nepalese social networking site, is a product of Sabaiko technologies in Kathmandu. It is an online community of Nepali & Gorkhali around the globe (words on the home page). They got a good responsive website that loads instantly and their mobile website is also good. While we were reviewing, the site had some Facebook connect issues so we couldn’t sign up; however later we somehow manage to get into it (it tries to connect to Facebook without your permission as soon as the site is opened). Even before verifying our email address, we are welcomed with a couple of ads (?).

Premium online social networking site of Nepal, find people in Nepal, Nepalese online community portal/website. ~


Hamrobook, a ditto (clone) of Facebook, even the interface looks alike, is a recently launched Nepali social network. It is a social network currently becoming a popular among Nepalse World Wide, maybe it is getting hype of a Facebook clone. Obviously, good point about Hamrobook is that they got a nice Nepali interface (as shown below, which is possible since it is a clone of Facebook and Facebook is already has Nepali language interface.)

Hamrobook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. Nepali Social Network, Nepali online community find your friends and share status, photos, videos, groups. Hamrobook is just like Facebook uniting all nepalese people. it is free and always will be ~ - Nepali version of Facebook – Nepali version of Facebook


NepalNepal is an old online social community of more than 10 thousand users that are interested much in Nepal. NN is based on Dolphin, a community building software from Boonex company. They got a good explanation about why yet another Nepalese social networking site is required in their FAQs page, even tho’ they are early birds in the social network market. is the 1st pure Nepali Social Network site. It was created to bridge the gap among Nepalese living worldwide. Although the Nepali community can be seen connected through various other sites that include chat and forum functionalities, NepalNepal has created a true community environment by bringing all possible forms of communication in one place. ~

5. - Nepal Social NetworkSaathisangi, Nepali community website, is yet another Nepal based online social community – as a name says a meeting place with friends. We can clearly call as a music-orientated online community or social network of music lovers; since they got special priorities for albums, videos and music. Looks like the website is still not launched if we see around menus and items (may blank and coming soon pages.)

साथीसङ्गी – nepali social network website – a nepali social network website where we can share our feelings in nepali language ~

6. NTC Chautari

NT Chautari Logo
NT Chautari Logo

We don’t know what’s going on in Nepal Telecom. There was a massive inflow of information about Chautari to be launch in near-future, but all of sudden it gets forgotten. Even the official website of Chautari is still not public. We did a cover about Nepal Telecom’s Social Network – Chautari previously as well –

One highly claimed feature of Chautari, the Facebook like website from Nepal, is the ability to send free SMS daily (limited to 10) to any mobile number inside the country. The initial phase is to accommodate the capacity of 10 lakh users.

7. - Nepal based social networking siteMeropost is a popular Nepali social website for years now. They call it a complete Nepali social network or community with more than 28 thousand members and 51312 posts. Both the basic mobile and touch version of this website is awesome. Ujyalo 90 Network and Prime FM Network are the contributors of meropost – social site.

It is complete Nepali social network or community. You can meet and make new and old Nepali friends here. Welcome to platform ready to reshape the Nepal social networking. ~


LiveNepal - nepali social network siteAnother Nepali social network – is a Nepali news and social networking site, as we found about this site in Google Cache since the site is down as of now. This site is operated from abroad, and is famous for Nepali television shows; read this from their Facebook page – is a social networking website that is specially made for Nepalese worldwide.Watch, Read & Listen to Live news, Radio & FM. Nepali Serials like Tito Satya, Meri Bassi,etc. It is free to join and meet friends 24/7.

Livenepal is a Nepali Social Networking Site where you can meet Nepalese worldwide.You can listen to live Nepali radios and FMs.Also able to watch Nepali

9. is a Nepali social networking website (targeted as Gorkhas) developed in WordPress, the famous Semantic publishing platform. The site looks more like an activity (community blog post) based while still sharing groups, forums, photos, videos and songs.

Gorkha Creed, is a free nepali social networking and News site for nepalies world over. Bringing News, views and insights from Gorkha community world over.A meeting place for Gorkhas from Darjeeling, kurseong, kalimpong, Dooars, siliguri, nepal, kathmandu and world over. ~


Launched in January 2010, connetfrens also gives a glimpse of Facebook clone. It uses SocialDNA application and must have many users according to its age.

The social community portal from Nepal where you can share each and every moments of life time it’s free and any one can join.It’s social network of friendships any one of any country can join . ~


The Nepali Club - Nepali social networkTheNepaliClub says it is Nepal’s premiere social networking site – an endeavor to connect the Nepalese all over the world. The site is lucidly designed by SoftNEP web design company in Kathmandu. The specialty of this site is that you can keep informed about the latest Nepalese news from leading publishing houses. They have integrated live feeds of current news into the site in customized way. There are atleast 6 thousand user profiles where you can do a quick search to find a person of your interest like in a dating site

Nepal’s Premiere social networking site. The Nepali Club is an endeavor to connect the Nepalese all over the world. Get connected @ TheNepaliClub!

Other social networking sites like web services are: – a mobile social networking site from Nepal, estd October 2011 – a community based blog and sharing site specially targeted as a community or citizen journalism – seems like this site is dead.

This post was originally published in March 3, 2012. Last updated on August 30, 2014. Only new information have been updated.

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