Send SMS to Ncell & NTC from Internet, shows NCell and NTC Logo

Send SMS to Ncell & NTC from Internet

We have written enough articles on how to send free SMS to Nepal based Mobile phones, Ncell and NTC mobiles. Visit our Category Archives SMS & relatedto read all articles on how to send WebSMS to Nepal.

We will update other processes as they are rolled out. For now, you can use the third party SMS service enabled at this page to send SMS to your Ncell or NTC Mobile phone from internet.

Dear readers, All of the three third party services that allowed us to send free Web SMS to NTC and Ncell mobile numbers in Nepal closed their gateway, hence we have removed their services embedded on this page.

However, worry not very soon we shall share you ways to send FREE SMS to NCELL and NTC Users.

Stay tuned! Thanks for understanding!

Team TechSansar.


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