[How to] NTC 3G: Activate, subscribe & purchase Internet data package: Guided tutorial

The state owned telco Nepal Telecom (NT) has been going fierce with their newer IP based network for expansive 3G coverage nationwide(with increasing 3G enabled BTS). NT, at the same time, is experiencing skyrocketing usage of 3G data from its now a crore of its subscribers.

Nepal Telecom’s 3G Service is an ITU standard WCDMA type providing data rates at 384 Kbps of download and 64 Kbps of upload speed. However, the speed of 3G technology can be gradually increased its 2Mbps stationary to 7.2Mbps rates of HSDPA to HDSPA+ schemes, let’s hope NTA approves various mobile broadband speed for the operators in Nepal. By popular demand, this article helps users how to activate, subscribe and use data package of NTC 3G Internet service.

How to know if you are served with the new NTC network?

Nepal Telecom would like to send a message to 1400 - message on NT Android app
Nepal Telecom would like to send a message to 1400 – message on NT Android app

Dial *9# from your mobile and see if you get your mobile number. You are in the new network area if you get your mobile number. Otherwise you are still in the old network. This procedure doesn’t work if you have recently got a new SIM card from NTC as it is pre-new network enabled.

How to activate NTC 3G ?

Activating or enabling 3G on your NT SIM card is pretty easy. The process for any of the mobile phone subscription type – Namaste pre paid or Post Paid in NTC is the same.

Existing Nepal Telecom Post-paid and Pre-Paid users can activate 3G by SMS. Just type 3G and send SMS to 1400. This is a free SMS for activation of NTC 3G.

You will get an automated SMS reply saying “Thank you for subscribing 3G service. You will be connected by 5 PM next working day. Nepal Telecom”

For all new NTC SIM card holder, the service is enabled by default. In case you are not sure, just send in a free SMS as mentioned above.

SMS confirming 3G service subscription with Nepal Telecom 3G network
SMS confirming 3G service subscription with Nepal Telecom 3G network

How to subscribe NTC 3G in existing 2G SIM card?

Even though the steps and explanation mentioned above applies equally to the existing 2G SIM cards of Nepal Telecom, you can simply convert 2G Sim to 3G Sim following the same steps as above, we repeat:

  1. Type 3G in text message .
  2. Send it to 1400.
  3. Then you will receive message “Thank you for subscribing 3G service.You will be connected by 5 PM next working day:Nepal Telecom”
  4. 3G service will be activated in 2G sim within 2 days.

Voila, now proceed to settings for 3G in your mobile phone for peace of your mind. 3G subscription charge for 3G activation is Rs 100.

Automatic GPRS data configuration message from mobile operator
Automatic GPRS data configuration message from mobile operator

How to NTC 3G APN setting?

Even though many customers do not need to set up APN for using 3G as just enabling 3G on their SIM card will let them use cellular data on existing and available 3G network, other users might need the setting. Also do note, smart phones like iPhone do not need any kind of such settings. These NTC 3G APN settings are the same for both GPRS/EDGE or 3G subscription data types.

Proxy Server :-, Port :- 8000
APN :- ntnet OR ntwap, Homepage :- TechSansar.com (or any web address)

To use NT 3G on your device, use the following settings:

APN : ntnet
Dial number :*99#

Do not forget to restart your mobile handset or device after saving the setting profile. Read this for detail steps on setting up NTC internet in smartphones.

Since 3G and GPRS in NT Cellular network as of now work under same proxy server (users under the old BTS coverage), you can request an automatic GPRS configuration setting for your specific mobile handset using a special query as mentioned below.

NTC GPRS Browser APN settings for mobile phone
NTC GPRS Browser APN settings for mobile phone

Send an SMS to 1404 with the following message for your mobile phone.

Nokia / LG / Motorola / Indian mobile set: gprs

Samsung mobile phones: sagprs

Sony Ericsson mobile phones: segprs

Chinese local mobile phones: chgprs

How to subscribe NTC 3G Internet data?

Nepal Telecom has not yet released 3G data packages for subscription. So, Pay As You Go (PAYG) scheme which is a normal scheme now for both pre-paid namaste and post users – either individual or corporate users applies.

The 3G data rate in NT 3G cellular network is Rs 0.10 per 100Kb of data which means Rs 1 per Mb (exclusive of taxes) for both prepaid and post paid subscription. The charges for the cellular based video call is Rs 2 per minute of the call. For the latest GSM 3G service call and data tarrif, visit Nepal Telecom’s official webpage here.

Do share your experience of using NT 3G – satisfied or still struggling for the bandwidth? What more we expect on true 3G broadband speed in Nepal? Share your opinions below on the comment form.

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