Nepal Telecom rapidly expands NT 3G Service under 10 million project

Nepal Telecom (NT) has recently expanded their third generation 3G telecommunication service to cover 20 more district in the Eastern Development Region (EDR), Mid-Western Development Region (MWDR) and Far-Western Development Region (FWDR) of the country. Thanks to the 10 million project of Nepal Telecom that now ever larger portion of the subscribers can get connected via 3G coverage (High Speed Packed Access data service – HSPA/HSDPA) in Nepal.

NT 3G 10 million projec symbolization
NT 3G 10 million project symbolization

NT 10 million project

What is 10 million project of Nepal Telecom? This is one of the promising and need of the time for Nepal’s larger 3G broadband coverage, NT 10 million project is Nepal Telecom’s ambitious project to add 10 million ie 1 crore mobile subscription telephone lines to the 3G coverage umbrella. Of the 10 million projected mobile lines, 45% was dedicated to 3G service lines, and rest to the basic GSM & CDMA mobility subscription.

The 10 million project of Nepal Telecom has been divided into two packages – A and B for easier telecom management and service delivery. Under the package A, 5.2 million mobile telephone lines distribution has been prioritized for EDR, MWDR, FWDR and CDR (Central Development Region except Kathmandu.)

The other part of the project, package B, includes 4.8 million mobile phone lines implementation solely in Kathmandu, Pokhara and surrounding regions in Western Development Region (WDR).

Nepal Telecom has now somewhat managed to provide their 3G mobile broadband service to district headquarters and business hubs of the districts as their potential 3G customer target as before.

NT 3G in EDR

Now Nepal Telecom 3G service is available in Morang and Sunsari of EDR via 33 base-transceiver stations (BTS).


NT’s 3G service has been extended to Banke, Bardiya, Surkhet, Dailekh, Dang, Rolpa, Salyan, Pyuthan and Jumla districts. Total of 37 BTS have been deployed in these districts of MWDR.


NT 3G has covered 9 districts of FWDR, namely, Darchula, Bajhang, Bajura, Baitadi, Doti, Achham, Dadeldhura, Kanchanpur and Kailali. Total of 37 BTS have been installed and operational in this initial phase in FWDR.

NT 3G in Kathmandu

NT has recently upgraded their 3G service in the metropolitan city with newer installs of 3G enabled BTS and improved quality and optimization of the 3G service. This was also a part of the 10 million project.

NT 3G in Pokhara

Even though NT 3G coverage in Pokhara was limited, they have recently upgraded 3G service & 3G-enabled BTS in the valley alongside in Kathmandu.

NT 3G focus on Internet Data

Nepal Telecom’s voice subscribers have not been on increasing demand. The penetration of internet in both urban and rural Nepal has forced, the stated owned telco to focus on more of data service and the data options for its customers.

Coverage area of Nepal Telecom's 3G in Nepal till May 2014: So far headquarters and business areas of 33 districts have access to 3G broadband
Coverage area of Nepal Telecom’s 3G in Nepal till May 2014: So far headquarters and business areas of 33 districts have access to 3G broadband

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