List of major toll free numbers (advanced free phone) in Nepal

1 2,309

Toll free numbers or freephone numbers or Advanced Free Phone Service represent those telephone numbers where in customers or clients make calls to connect with the company or organization, calls being charged to the receiving party. Usually for the caller, a call to a toll-free number from a landline (may also be available for mobile phones) is free of charge. In Nepal, toll free numbers start with 1660-01-xxxxx.

Nepal Telecom (NT) provides Nepali toll free numbers with their service name AFS alongwith AFS Numbering Plan ‘1660-01-XXXXX’ which is a 11 digit unique AFS number = Access Code “1660” + 01+ five (5) digit AFS number of which the last 5 digits are of service subscriber’s choice on first come first serve basis.

Tollfree Number Call Flow Chart Nepal Telecom
Tollfree Number Call Flow Chart Nepal Telecom

If companies want their vanity numbers, it is limited to just last 5 digits of the toll free AFS numbers as phoneword. This on other countries like the US is limited by only their toll-free prefix (1-800 or 800-PHONEWORD). However, we haven’t seen any companies in Nepal using vanity toll free numbers.

Toll-free AFS Tariff Rate (Nepal Telecom):

Registration Charge NRs 1000.00
Security Deposit Additional NRs 15,000.00 for STD call facility
Minimum period of hire/service One month
Call rates local/STD/ISD & taxes As applicable in existing PSTN rate


Toll free Numbers in Nepal

Toll free No.CompanyRemarks
1660-01-03333eKantipur, Kantipur Media Group (KMG)Service number
1660-77-42001DDC ArghakhanchiFeedback, Inquiry and Complaint number for Good Governance
1660-01-00005OtelOtel toll free number for customer assistance
1660-01-00186MoFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal
1660-01-34567Antenna Foundation
1660-01-00020Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Nepalशान्ति तथा पुनर्निर्माण आयोग
1660-01-54321National Tuberculosis Center
1660-01-20140Blue Diamond SocietyContact & Consultation
1660-01-44433Securities Board of Nepal
1660-01-21000Broadlink Wireless
1660-01-07010FNCCIFederation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries
1660-01-02121eSewaPayment issue enquiries
1660-27-52111Human Rights Forum Nepal, HURF Nepal
1660-01-33355Supreme Court of NepalDirect line to Secretariat of Chief Justice
1660-01-12111Radio Nepal
Updated Jan 16, 2016 (Comment below to include a new or updated toll free numbers)

Ncell also provides similar service with the name “Call Free Numbers” which lets those numbers reachable from international, other operators in Nepal plus inbound & outbound roamers – quite a vast coverage for companies to engage with their customers.

Applicable Charges (for Companies who subscribe to Ncell Call Free Numbers) 

Tariff without taxes TSC      OT VAT TOTAL
Subscription Fee(One Time) 1999.00 219.89 0.00 288.46 2,507.35
Tax –OT 0.000 0.000 1000.00 130.00 1,130.00
Monthly Rental 1499.00 164.89 0.00 216.31 1,880.20
Total 3498.00 384.78 1000.00 634.77 5,517.55

Incoming call are charged @ Rs. 0.55/minute in Ncell while the same is charged at current local mobile rates @ Re 1/minute in NTC.


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