YouTube is now launched in Nepal for Google & Google (Apps) for Works users.

A couple years ago, Google placed their cache server at Nepal Telecom’s Jawalakhel premise. Last year, YouTube launched offline feature for Nepalese users. And now YouTube has officially announced their presence for Nepal with YouTube Nepal for all of its Google & Google (Apps) for Works users. YouTube for Nepal Logo

Google’s Asia Pacific Blog post mentions that YouTube is now launched in Nepal along with other 2 Asian countries – Sri Lanka and Pakistan. With this announcement, YouTube has expanded its official coverage and presence in 88 countries around the world.

What does launch of YouTube Nepal means?

YouTube users in Nepal will now see a new YouTube homepage in a separate domain name and pages customized in Nepali. (Please, note unlike Google’s homepage is not available as of writing this article.) Blog post further writes YouTube is already available in Nepali and now having country-specific homepages means they can bring the most relevant videos in a YouTube experience tailored for YouTube users.

Not only customization and tailored contents are the part of the YouTube launch in Nepal but also this has brought new windows of opportunities for local creators, personalities, musicians, video content producers and others equally to exhibit their creations to widest audience range with greater visibility.

Along with the announcement, the blog post also mentions and features favorite examples of vibrant South Asian YouTube contents.

In Nepal, one of  the top watched videos (with 1.3 million views) is Nai Nabhannu La 3 | नाईं नभन्नू ल ३, the third installation of the musical ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ series, which tracks the dramatic journey of a talented young musician, Rhythm, and his bond with his adoptive mother. Users can watch full video in the YouTube already.


YouTube Nepal: for both Google & Google Apps users!

Indeed, this is one of the exciting announcements from YouTube that all Google users and Google Apps or Google for Work users can now login to YouTube using their existing accounts. Google Apps users previously couldn’t login to YouTube as it was not officially launched and supported. This means Google Apps or Google Domain users also can create their own YouTube channel with their existing non-Gmail email accounts – a great facility!

Users voice in the blog post about this announcement: YouTube in Nepal is launched and but it would be great if video contents could also be monetized just like other web based contents. Hope next launch by Google in Nepal would be Google Now, possibly with Nepali voice commands. This has created a vast ocean of partnership and localization for South Asian video content consumers, and hoping that legal agreements would be solved sooner with local presence of YouTube.

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