IP CDMA in Nepal – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Glad that we are developing in broadband arena, even tho’ our connection speed is not yet satisfactory. We are happy to hear the news of launch of IP CDMA by Nepal Telecom recently. Based on user’s questions on TechSansar’s Facebook page and Twitter, we have compiled frequently asked questions (FAQs) about IP CDMA broadband service in Nepal by Nepal Telecom.

1. So, what is IP CDMA?

IP-CDMA: Internet Protocol based Code Division Multiple Access Technology. This is a next generation telephony services (considerably 4G) which allows simultaneous operation of voice and data. Like in normal 2G/3G services, customers have a unique IP address like the mobile number. IP CDMA delivers data speed in broadband rate (atleast 2 MBPS as defined by NTA).

2. What kind of device do I need to use this service?

It will be too early to tell that IP CDMA can be used with your normal 3G/4G compatible mobile phone. But we can be sure that it is compatible with or like a data card found in market today.

3. What will be the speed of IP CDMA data service? Will IP CDMA adhere to the norms of Broadband defined in Nepal?

We expect the speed of IP CDMA broadband data service to be atleast 2 Mega bits per second, which is the standard defined as broadband in Nepal. The uplink speed will be 1+ and downlink 2+ Mbps (atleast).

4. Will there be roaming with IP CDMA service?

Of course, there should be no problem with roaming, and with no extra charges. Nepal Telecom will have exchange offices in 4 different cities to ensure flawless service of IP CDMA. However, mobility might be considered factor for fluctuation in internet speed. Stationary users get the highest bandwidth speed while mobile users get it reduced.

5. Where can I learn about IP CDMA in more or contact Nepal Telecom about?

As of today, there is no any official page regarding IP CDMA in Nepal Telecom’s website. But you can look at CDMA EVDO broadband service page here. For details, you can read Frequently Asked Questions about NT EVDO which we published years ago

6. What are the different kinds of CDMA technologies used already in Nepal?

We have seen Nepal Telecom’s EVDO services, Sky, WLL (Wireless Local Loop) wired CDMA by both NT and UTL. Even 3G telephony of NT and Ncell uses CDMA technologies as a part of 3G technology (which is beyond the context of this FAQs).

For a complete list of different CDMA technologies, visit this Wikipedia article.

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