NTC GPRS Configuration for Smart Phones including iPhone

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It is rather easy to configure Nepal Telecom’s GPRS, now upgraded to EDGE, and even 3G data connection in  your smartphone. Here is a couple of GPRS/EDGE/3G configuration for smartphones including iPhone for NTC’s SIM.

By default GPRS is always-on meaning even though you aren’t using any app that connect to Internet, your mobile’s internet connection  is being used, so be careful only to activate data when needed unless you are in unlimited package.

To learn about other Wireless (WiFi) Internet Service Providers in Kathmandu and other cities, read this list of WiFi ISPs.

Parameters setting for NTC GPRS & MMS

Proxy Server :-, Port :- 8000 (which is normal http port)

For accessing internet/WAP through your mobile handset :-
GPRS APN :- ntwap
GPRS Home Page :- http://wap.ntc.net.np

Even though NTC encourages users to use WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) to connect internetnet in your mobile handset, it is advised to config with ntnet rather than ntwap. Be warned NTNET is faster (atleast theoretically, and will bring in more data volume consumption!) than NTWAP.

For accessing internet through computer by using GPRS service in your mobile phone :-
APN :- ntnet

To activate the GPRS Connection Service on your SIM directly from your Mobile Type vgprs and send it to 1400.

NTC GPRS/EDGE/3G Configuration in Smartphones

It’s all automatic now, just send an SMS with gprs in message and send to 1404. Then NTC will send you the GPRS configuration which you need to save in your mobile phone, then restart your handset, voila you have working Internet connection now.

Just remember for your specific mobile phones:

Keyword for gprs setting
gprs (nokia, lg, motorolla, indian etc)
sagprs (samsung mobiles)
segprs (sonyericsson mobiles)
chgprs (chinise mobiles)

Keyword for mms setting
mms (for all phones except iphone, blackberry, windows and htc)

For manual GPRS/3G NTC Internet connection in iPhone 

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Go to Settings,
  3. Go to General, Network
    1. Go to Cellular Data Network
    2. APN: ntnet
    3. Leave username and password blank
    4. Data Roaming: ON
  4. Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet.
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  1. sandip says


  2. Prabin says

    Exactly what I have been looking for my smart phone…

  3. ociean says


  4. Ankavt says

    how can i connect internet in my blackberry 8300 ? plz help me.

  5. Santosh Shah says

    Visit http://danfenepal.blogspot.com/2011/06/automatic-setting-for-3g-and-gprs-nepal.html for easy and simple installation of GPRS and 3G on any brand of mobile

  6. Sukhram thakur says

    How i can connect to the internet in mobile phone gprs

  7. bishal says

    How can i use ntc gprs net in samsung galaxy

  8. Santosh says

    You can set gprs and 3g in any brand mobile set in Nepal through sms .Please visit http://www.gulmiresunga.com/2011/08/setting-for-3g-and-gprs-via-sms-for.html for more detail

  9. gajendra says

    how to sett gprs in iphone

    1. Ghimiresabin07 says

      first….general>network>cellular data>ON
      general>network>cellular data network>apn>NTNET
      data roaming>ON
      thank you..!!

  10. roshan gautam says

    how to set gprs in blackberry curve(8520)

  11. azumi says

    how to set gprs in dell set?? 🙁

  12. […] Click on save and do not modify other settings for NTC. […]

  13. mangal says

    how to set gprs setting on Samsung s3 as I have tried many times to send the message to ntc on 1404 with the message sagprs, but no more positive response I have received. let me know the setting, would be greatful for that.

    1. Team TechSansar.com says

      Mangal ji, Forget NTC, their messages sometimes get lost in nowhere. For a quick settings of GPRS in your S3, follow these quick steps:
      Settings > More Networks/Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Points (APs) > New APN (if not available aready) > Set required parameters > Save APN settings > Set your default APN > Choose 3G (WCDMA) or GSM modes > Restart your S3 set.
      Voila, you are good to go.

  14. badal gyawali says

    setting in nexus 5

  15. biraj says

    hey help to connect internet in my iphone 4s ios verson 8.1.2

  16. gehendra says

    I put APN>ntnet and Data Roaming>on, also I sent message 3g to 1400, says 3g is already activated, eventhough I could not access internet in my MOTO-G 2nd generation

  17. Kalyan says

    cellular data network menu is not appearing in my iphone 4s. my ios is 9 public beta. how could i set APN in my iphone?

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  19. Imperium says

    I bought A data pack but when I switch on the cellular data it says that internet is not connected
    In NTC SIM.I already configured the APN but it’s still not working. How can I fix this?

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