Data Hub: Data Center of Global Standard in Nepal

Data | Hub has mantra of Secure. Scalable. Affordable data service. Data Hub is a Tier II data center in Nepal located at Thapathali, Kathmandu. To meet the increasing outsourcing demands from national enterprises, BFIs, ICT companies and global multinational corporations into emerging markets, Data Hub has ventured into the arena of Data Center services with the construction of a flagship robust Data Center infrastructure located at 2nd floor, Shikhar Biz Center, Thapathali, Kathmandu. Data Hub is a state-of-the-art, nearly 1200 square feet facility that was built to support high resiliency, security and scalability. Data Hub is fully integrated with carriers and NSPs/ISPs for high-capacity, fibre network and offers services including colocation, and will soon offer managed hosting, managed storage, managed backup and other value-added services.

Data Hub Logo
Data Hub Logo
Data Hub data center service is delivered with a high level of security and support from our skilled and experienced team. And this is what makes Data Hub different from other data centers in the country. Data Hub offers a suite of Colocation Services that provide a cost-effective strategy for companies that need to quickly ramp up their IT, network and telecom infrastructures – also backed by to-be-established Data Center in Butwal for business continuity. The service includes space in a controlled environment, regulated power supply, dedicated and shared network connections from the co-located NSPs, state-of-the-art security, fire detection and suppression and many other valuable features to ensure security and high availability of assets and services.
Additional value-added services including network and IP connectivity from the collocated NSPs/ISPs, remote hands-support and 24/365 data centre operations. Managed hosting, storage and managed security services will also available as optional services soon.

Data Hub Data Center in a nutshell

  • Data Hub is a state-of-the-art, 1200 square feet facility that was built to support high resiliency, security and scalability.
  • Data Hub houses NSPs that have national coverage with high-capacity, fibre network.
  • Data Hub offer services including managed hosting, managed storage, and managed backup and other value-added services.
  • Data Hub is a highly secure facility and offers 24x7x365 physical and logical security personnel and security monitoring with high–resolution IP Cameras.
  • The data centre supports close to 27 racks and offers cabinet collocation and can be expanded to cover 3000+ square feet more and offer cages and private server suites in the future.
  • Data Hub is staffed with credited operational personnel on a 24 x 7 basis to perform multiple remote hands activities.
  • As competition in most industry sectors intensifies, leading businesses worldwide are seeking the following benefits: Increased flexibility to support a range of current and emerging network-based applications Lower total cost of communications to cope with ICT budgets that are squeezed every year Improved performance from their communications networks Data Hub co-location service provides these advantages for your business. Due to the nature of Data Hub Data Center service design, network and management services, we can offer distinct business advantages:
DataHub Racks Kathmandu
DataHub Racks Kathmandu

Data Hub Service Features

 By virtue of our Data Centers covering large square feet of space and capacity to expand, we are prepared to support your needs for business and infrastructure expansion in a quick, cost-effective manner.
Multiple Levels of Security
 As a top-tier and global standard co-location service provider, Data Hub delivers multilevel physical security through a combination of secure access and 24×7 surveillance. All areas of the co-location site — both internal and external are continuously monitored and recorded by highly sensitive security cameras. Access to the co-location site is controlled through utilization of proxy card or biometric hand geometry readers. Data centres are also manned 24/7 and we provide escorted access for customer representatives when needed.

  • Maximum Availability
     As an industry leader in delivering data centre and co-location solutions, Data Hub strives for 100% uptime availability. Our data centre facilities will meet Industry standard high uptime criteria for reliability and maintainability and Data Hub Data Centers that are wholly owned are built and maintained to the highest technical standards.
     Multiple layers of redundancy for backup power ensure the data centre infrastructure is always available and secure. High-power availability is maintained with fault-proof Main Switching Boards and multiple redundant power and earth cables and also including 2+1 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and 2 (two) backup generators. Customers also benefit from the co-located carries and NSPs/ISPs and their redundant, high capacity network with guaranteed service levels and support for carrier diversity. In addition, we ensure availability through our support staff that can perform basic troubleshooting and remote-hands service as needed on a 24/7 basis.
     Our state-of-the-art data centres will be located in Kathmandu and Butwal with reliable redundant links between them. The data centres are also geographically positioned to provide diversity and redundancy with multiple cable routes for maximum uptime, best possible network connectivity, maximum quantities of bandwidth and high availability and guaranteed reliability.
     Operational productivity: Our co-location solution is a reliable and a maximum network uptime system leading to improved business efficiency.

Carrier Neutrality
 Data Hub maintains its Data Centers as carrier neutral. The customer at the Data Centers has an option to opt for their preferred connectivity provider present at the site or who can collocate at the site to serve the customer. The data centre shall have a telecom room/Meet Me Room where all such providers can be collocated to provide connectivity solutions to data centre customers. The connectivity from the Meet Me Room to the data centre customer equipment shall be extended by Data Hub subject to cross connect charges.
Finance Cost savings over in-house solutions – both in infrastructure, management of contractors and maintenance requirements
 Customer Relations:
With your data secure and systems available, your staff can give your customers uninterrupted attention without having to worry about system and power outages affecting the workflow.
 Risk Mitigation:
Business Continuity Plans are in place to ensure speedy recovery of your assets, facilities, and data in case of an unforeseen outage. This allows us to continue to deliver service to you within our committed service level guarantees.
 Information Security:
Rest assured we have the network infrastructure with tiered firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, centralized secure management access, authentication, and frequent vulnerability audits to find and remove any security gaps.
 Physical security of equipments:
We use surveillance cameras, restricted access, and security breach alarms in all of our data centers to keep your data secure. We adhere to strict media handling policies, which ensure security of stored data and proper access, handling and disposal of sensitive customer information
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