Ohm Data Center: Silver Lining Data Center Services in Nepal

Ohm Data Center is the first commercial data center built with state of art technology and is one of the business
units of CAS Trading House Pvt. Ltd., also ISO 27001 certified, is specialized in Next-generation Data Centre
design and construction. We target to become a trusted business partner of our customers by providing advanced
Data Centre infrastructure facilities that are reliable and secure. It has been setup at a seismically stable zone and at
a secure location where the required support infrastructure like power, water, diesel etc. is easily available. Ohm DC is Nepal’s first commercial data centre based in Bhairahawa and provides managed DR services to several banks and other organisations.

Ohm Data Center logo
Ohm Data Center logo
Silver Lining Nepal
Silver Lining, powered by Mercantile and CAS Groups, operates a state of art Data Centre which is centrally located
near downtown Kathmandu to meet the growing need of Cloud based solutions in Nepal. Silver Lining’s
infrastructure is ready to provide complete suite of Cloud Services from which clients may choose option of
self-managing their IT infrastructure or avail of our Managed Services to meet their IT standards. Silver Lining have
a very successful prior experience of setting up high availability Data Centre for running mission critical
infrastructure for commercial banks in Nepal.

Ohm Data Center Services

We have built state of art Data Centre infrastructure where equipment, space, and bandwidth are available on rental
basis. This service is for those who want to use their own IT equipment but want a secure facility to host at minimal
cost and complexity. We can help you improve availability and performance of your applications, enjoy greater
security and offer you and your end-users better experience.
Cloud Services
We have partnered with PCCW Global to build world class public cloud infrastructure in Nepal. PCCW Global is a
Hong Kong based Telecom Company with proven technology used worldwide. We offer broad cloud infrastructure
services like managed compute, storage and content delivery, database and networking services. Our cloud services
provide managed services to increase developer productivity and operational efficiency. Our cloud services offers a
al based service with all the advantages of any international cloud service provider like flexibility, scalability,
customization etc.
Virtual Private Server
Employing high-performance VPS service has never been easier. We work with industry leaders like HP to provide
flexible and scalable VPS service through our robust cloud infrastructure. Customers can get super-user access and
install their own applications for all operating systems. Our VPS Cloud is designed to be reliable by eliminating
single points of failure, so that when there’s a hardware failure, services can continue uninterrupted.

Ohm Data Center Racks
Whether you need extra storage for your media and office documents with access from anywhere in the world or
you just want back up and mirroring facilities, we provide storage solutions for everyone. Quickly invite others to
view, download and collaborate on all the files you want without the hassle of email attachment. Our storage
offering in Nepal means lower latency at competitive rates.

Ohm Data Center Features

Web And Email Hosting
We make hosting websites and emails as easy as a few clicks through our cloud servers. We provide rich, scalable &
flexible hosting solutions that you can choose to host your website on our servers based in Nepal. We provide
secure and managed e-mail services. We make sure you are able to access your email anywhere anytime through
either POP3 or IMAP formats. We also provide a level of security against virus, spam, malware and other online
threats which hamper your business. We provide a very intuitive interface over the web. We maintain privacy policy
of your organization
Pumori on Cloud
Ohm Data Center have collaborated with Mercantile to provide their Pumori Enterprise Core Banking Software (CBS) on a Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) model. Pumori on Cloud is an offering to banks and financial institutions that want to operate the state of art software with built in features used by
is one of the first and most popular CBS in Nepal with a market share of around 50% among commercial banks
and almost 90% among development banks. It is one of the few Nepali applications able to compete with
international products on an equal footing. We will be offering Pumori on Cloud in our Public Cloud Infrastructure
which has been designed and developed by our partners PCCW Global
Commercial Banks at a fraction of the cost.
Pumori Cloud for BFls
Ohm data Center provides separate Private Virtualized Cloud Services for BFIs to cater to their specific requirements. Private Cloud is a type of cloud computing that delivers similar advantages to public cloud, including scalability and
self-service, but through a proprietary architecture. Unlike public clouds, which deliver services to multiple
organizations, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organization on hosted model which also gives companies
direct control over their own data. For those who want to take advantage of the cost and scalability of a cloud based
virtual environment without the risks of a public cloud, the Private Virtual Cloud is the ideal solution. We cater to
commercial banks who run their CBS on our Private Virtual Cloud. However, this service can be used by other large
corporate houses to operate their equally security conscious applications
Disaster Recovery
We provide DR services through DR site (OHM) hosted in Bhairahawa. OHM data Center is the first commercial
data center primarily focused for disaster recovery services. We provide tailored disaster recovery site/services to fit
in with your business continuity plans through our partner ASPL. We have been providing DR services as a package
to our Cloud for BFIs clients which includes backup, Mirroring, High Availability, DR drill, Disaster Recovery plan
& documentation, Managed IT Infrastructure & Database Services. DR and managed DR services is also available
for other clients as per their requirement. We match our managed services to best suit your business requirements.
For detail visit Ohm Data center official website here.