Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions of using materials aka resources and services from TechSansar.com. You must agree to the TOCs if you want to link back to us, quote or reprint the articles including the logo. These TOCs equally applies to the immediate sister websites like techsansar.com.np.

  1. Linking back to techsansar: We would like to that. You are welcome to link back to us thru a link ie http://techsansar.com/ of a home page or any article page. Do not use crook techs like nofollow and iframe; instead we can link back to you from our page.
  2. Resource usage: You can use our logo (usually found at the top left of each page) to link back to us or depict things about us. We may hot protect the access to our resources at anytime which may include pictures and other static assets. Do not use our resources in any otherways (like using CSS or JS files in the html head of your site).
  3. Copyright permissions: While we try to be safe on this part, we quote or credit back companies there credentials. The site owns all the copyright of the materials published in the site. Any infringement shall be addressed with the court in Kathmandu.
  4. User accounts:Users agree that they keep their username and password safe, and use real name or alias that do not conflict with any trademarks, brands, or copyright issues. Forgotten passwords can be recovered at anytime only by the user (upon submission of registering email address). TechSansar shall never ask you for your user credentials. If your account is linked with social site, please read Social linkage point below.
  5. Social linkage: TechSansar uses social media in its website and services (Twitter and Facebook extensively as of now), so you agree that your profile and account when linked with us are under the agreement of this TOC and individual social site’s terms of conditions. We do not store your passwords of social profiles in our databases. If you feel inconvenience, you can unlink your account at any time.
  6. Cost of service: All services provided in this website are free of cost. We do not charge you anything. However, some periodic advertising may be entertained which shall be matter of different privacy conditions.

Last updated: October 11, 2011

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