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Team TechSansar is introducing “Guest Author” for its website. Those interested fellow bloggers can publish their tech articles in our website to get noticed for thousands of visitors every day. We aim to enrich, by this opportunity, vast number of purely tech articles in probably Nepal’s only tech portal.

TechSansar uses extensive OpenGraph integrating social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn Pages. Our Twitter cards are wide and effective, you as an author will be featured on all the tweets or posts made on the Twitter network. The same applies to other relevant social platforms.

Update: For a limited time, every guest article published in TechSansar will receive NPR 1,000. The modes of payment we use are Wire transfer, Bank Cheque, PayPal, eSewa and major Credit Cards.

Articles Guidelines for Technical Writing @ TechSansar

  • Categories entertained for articles include but not limited to – Tech, infotainment, Nepali app review, how-to, tutorials, ICT/IT Rules regulations & their analysis, Internetworking, Nepal in Tech, Women in ICT, ICT application & productivity, NO NEWS ITEMS,
  • Articles accepted both in Nepali and English languages, the preference of publication depends on the subject matter of the content,
  • High acceptance rate if the article coverage address directly or indirectly Nepalese concern,
  • Should be at least of 350 words (best for image based how-to or tutorials), 500+ words (best for analytical articles), however priority not given for words but the content,
  • Guest authors responsible to reply all comments made by visitors in the article,
  • Guest author guided to use his/her own media files, if not should not use copyright works of others unless explicitly permitted or license of such media files is purchased or owned by the author and allowed to use in TechSansar.com, we take copyright issue seriously,

Publication Guidelines @ TechSansar

  • Articles accepted & published under certain conditions like Friesh Reading Score, acceptable Knowledge Management linkage, flow of process and text,
  • External link pointing to your own website or blog accepted inside the article content only if it is relevant maximum of 2 different links (no repetition of the same link),
  • The article in whole or part should not have been published before in any medium – online or print. WE DO NOT ENTERTAIN CURRENT ARTICLE PUBLICATION FASHION OF MANY NEPALI BLOGS/WEBSITES/NEWS CHANNELS WHO PUBLISH CONTENTS QUOTING “AS PUBLISHED” OR “AS REFERENCED BY” STYLE OF ARTICLES. Should you have enough evidence based articles, you do not need to quote anybody unless its an official authority.
  • The copyright of text and media files used in the article is owned explicitly by the author, but not be allowed to be copied, reprinted or republished with/by any third parties without the written permission of Team TechSansar.
  • The author can one-time publish the article in his/her blog/website after six months of the publication in TechSansar and should inform TechSansar in advance of the publication, or can quote “was originally published in TechSansar”. If the author was paid for the article published in TechSansar, it can NEVER be published anywhere.
  • All guest posts will feature a short bio of author including a link to his/her blog/website and/or one Social Network profile- as provided by the guest author. Since TechSansar deploy authorship, even though Google currently announced of their retiring the Authorship, to let the world know about the author and people in search engine results page know more about the authenticity & the author bio.

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