NT EVDO – Wireless Broadband Internet in Nepal

EVDO device connected on laptopTelecommunication must be the only field in Nepal which is the most developed in developmental infrastructure. Following March 2, 2010 (Falgun 18, 2066), Nepal Telecom is going to launch another internet service in Nepal- this is NT-EVDO Wireless Broadband Internet Service as a part of CDMA WIRELESS Telephone Service of Nepal Telecom. EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) is a third generation (3G) telecommunication standards/protocol, also called as cdma2000 1xEvDO. With this there is going to be wireless broadband internet access to majority of people.

As the name suggest EV-DO only supports data (DO- Data Only), there is no voice/phone call service , the  service which supports voice as well like is EVDV ie Data cum Voice. This service is much more expensive than traditional data services at the expense of higher data transmission rate.

Technical Side of 3G Wireless System:

1xDV: 3G extension of IS-95B, shared data and voice
1xDO: 3G extension of IS-95B, data only
1xEV: 3G extension of IS-95B, data with circuit-switched voice
1xRTT: 3G extension of IS-95, one RF channel only

The cdma2000 1xEV (DO and DV) is the wireless data technology with channel bandwidth of 1.25MHz on FDD (duplexing) which require software and digital card upgrade on 1xRTT networks on the infrastructure side. However, this does not require new spectrum – meaning government assigned older/used frequency spectrum can be used. The requirement for new handset is important but not compulsory. New handsets will work on 1xEV at 2.4 Mbps, 1xRTT at 144 Kbps, IS-95B at 64 Kbps. Older handsets can work in 1xEV but at lower speeds.

Nepal Telecom’s EV-DO is featured with downlink air interface speeds of up to 2.4 Mbps and uplink speed of up to 153 Kbps. (Telecom says interface speed in Rev A is up to 3.1 Mbps and 1.8 Mbps respectively)

(Article on Technical Side of 3G cdma2000 Wireless System)

What is EVDO exactly and what can I do in EVDO?

EVDO, a 3G system evolved from CDMA IS-95,  is a relatively newer telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data and voice signals through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access. It uses multiplexing techniques including code division multiple access (CDMA) as well as time division multiple access (TDMA) to maximize both individual user’s throughput and the overall system throughput.

EVDO is a perfect choice for broadband solution on the move. For frequent travelers (inside the valley), EVDO provides packet data services to achieve high speed, high capacity and excellent portability. It lets you move seamlessly from cell to cell, creating a true mobile wireless broadband internet experience at any time or place, including real-time video streaming, large volume data downloads and web browsing.

How can I get NT EVDO Wireless Broadband Internet in Nepal?

Nepal Telecom has started this service as the extension of the present CDMA (IS-95) system. The service is enabled in the EVDO R-UIM provided by NT and it can be used in various devices like USB EVDO modem, PCMCIA EVDO modem, EVDO mobile, etc. EVDO devices can be used as a modem to achieve higher data bandwidth in user’s portable device like laptop or fixed desktop computers.

Coverage of EVDO service?
At present, Nepal Telecom is implementing EVDO service with 15 BTS (Base Transceiver Stations) in Kathmandu, Banepa and Pokhara.

BTS Sites for Nepal Telecom’s 3G EVDO are in following locations.

  • Sundhara
  • Thamel
  • Jawalakhel
  • Chhauni
  • Gongabu
  • Naxal
  • Chabahill
  • Koteshwore
  • Kritipur
  • New Baneshwore
  • Patan Dhoka
  • Maharajgunj
  • Bhaktapur
  • Banepa
  • Pokhara

How to connect to internet using 3G EVDO Devices?
(The details on our next article, visual step by step guide and a movie for the same.)

Customer Care Centers
Sundhara Telecom Office,Teku
Ph: 014239945

Chabahil Telecom Office
Ph: 014469366

Gongabu Telecom Office
Ph: 014350005

Patan Telecom Office
Ph: 015555676

Chhauni Telecom Office
Ph: 014285000

Thimi Telecom Office
Ph: 016638900

Pokhara Telecom Office
Ph: 061528777

PHONE: 014272757
FAX: 014270521

Official link to NT’s EVDO


  1. says

    Obviously, this is a great job by Nepal Telecom but personally I don’t see the feasibility of EVDO broadband service for the price of NRs 2000.

    This is data packet limited service, this should have been unlimited data service as served by UTL. It would be a great service if NTC will provide unlimited bandwidth for 2 thousand at 2Mbps data rate.

    Telecom should really re-evaluate their scheme lest they might suffer in a long run.

  2. Divas says

    {word-removed} things in this website. This blog builder don’t know the full form of EVDO and he says EV-DO. In EVDO, he says DO means Data Only {word-removed} shit.

    But the actual meaning of EV-DO is Evolution-Data Optimized and remember website maker. Whole thing above is pirated from other websites and you don’t have enough knowledge about wireless internet, licence and non licence frequency and other various things.

    Remember!! Why we need high speed internet??
    Common answer for download content and if it costs very expensive why we need such EVDO. We can use CDMA PSDN.

    EVDO is like blood sucking mosquito made by people fucking NTC and sucks money like blood and UTL is 10000000000000 times greater than NTC.

    Please comment

  3. says

    Divas, thank you for your comment about this site. It might be just … things for you, if that was just a guff, we won’t be receiving thousands of hits each day and we are just helping people compute better. There are no any biasness. We don’t have any reason to work on network feasibility of UTL or NTC.

    This article was written by a Satellite Engineer of a reputed organization/company in Nepal so we believe there is a larger truth factor.

    To clear your understanding in EVDO, the last two word ‘DO’ refers to both Data Only or Data Optimized, we have verified this from IEEE conventions. With the global usage of the North American and the European system for 1x Technology in CDMA system, the word Data Only has been used along with Data Optimized.

    Pirated content! What do you refer to? So, you are a college student and if you write the definition of Mitosis from your textbook are you pirating. Divas, as told already this article is written by an authenticated person in consultation from NTC’s personnel in Jawalakhel Branch.

    High speed internet: it varies according to persons. Yes, this is right that EVDO is expensive due to 3G tech’s higher data rate, but there might be people who want this. Again, we can not tell people to use this and not to PSDN data networks.

    Some of our friends (on Facebook and Twitter links) have said there is no feasibility of EVDO… and that might be right. Let’s see how much subscriber will NTC get.

    Thank you!

    • Divas says

      thank you for your information but I really refer to wikipedia for all things. If you are the team of such technical group. why dont you give suggestion to NTC to make EVDO rental based not usages based? We need high speed internet for online gaming, video streaming, download huge file and if it is expensive. For what EVDO we use?? Only looking mails and chatting, which we can do from very slow phone dialup internet. So, i thing UTL is better. But if these EVDO are expensive why dont we go for WiMAX or wifi hotspot internet. But our NTC never do that I am 100000% sure.

      I think we nepalese people should wait more than 10 year to use 1Mbps cheap internet. But see in Airtel, BSNL, MTNL and other indian sites. How cheap internet they use but high speed.

      Next thing our NTC is not giving ADSL to private sector by which all ISP are gradually falling in market and NTC is growing up. And most of the ISP comment to NTA that they dont give permission for new technology. And this is the comment of Mahabir Pun also.

      Please comment this also??

      • says

        Divas, you must be kidding.

        Who listens to public in our country. Had those netas listen to general people, Nepal would not have entered such dark age. NTC is the same case. NTC will never NEVER listen to it’s customer’s voice, this for sure.

        As the previous commentator has said on this article, the feasibility of NTC is going cipher. As you said previously, some people are after demolishing the full term telecommunication industrial output of NTC. EVDO is, for sure, not going to make any different in mass surfing the net.

        People on high posts on NTC are not technical manpower, rather they are some politically affiliated ones.

        We would like to see WiMAX and HotSpots around the city, but since there is really no competition among ISPs, we Nepalese are bound to use the slowest internet.

        It is for sure that people like you can join in hands with us for ‘Nepal Compute Better’.

        Thank you.

        PS: Wikipedia is just a human edited free online encyclopedia and is not 100% correct as it is susceptible to false answer, you can work more on this on search engines.

      • says

        In 2005 the scientific publication Nature performed a comparison of the accuracy of Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, the leading print encyclopedia. It found that while the amount of errors per article in Wikipedia and Britannica were the same, the severity of errors in Wikipedia were worse. Encyclopedia Britannica suffered mostly from fact omission, whereas Wikipedia suffered from inaccurate information.

        I read it somewhere. Sorry, forgot the quote.

  4. social network designer says

    “NT EVDO – Wireless Broadband Internet in Nepal” really nice post. i appreciate with this post.A++ .thanks

  5. Divas says

    That means we cannot do anything? But I heard that there is not such thing that man cannot do but now feel really shame to say that we Nepalese people only cannot do anything. We can see every sector failure only, just see politics to every part of government organization. but NTC says in southasia NTC is best actually NTC is worst at all. It brought 3G calling system and EVDO but only focused to high class people not medium class. If it was made cheap and provided to all, I think NTC would get 3G revenue very fast. I request you to join foss nepal in facebook. IT student really hate NTC due to its business policy only, no rural development policy.

    Highspeed ADSL to Cities with cheap rate and in village only CDMA connection internet which is blood sucking cost to them.

    Guys lets make one Anti NTC league in Facebook.

  6. Ganeshji says

    Dipak ji is tooooo much biased. He only seeks dark aspects of Nepal Telecom and forgets that Nepal Telecom is the institution where most of the IT engineers opt to have jobs. And it really gives station to them. And the thing is that it is a public company and the ultimate responsibility goes to government not any single businessman. So decisional aspects take some time to be happened. The employees of NT work for communal goal, to earn for state(and we know state is the group of Divas ji, me and all others).
    NTC has serious laziness to implement the plans but it is the only IT institution to provide newer technologies publicly. And its motto is not to make richest any single person but to make our country men happy. One day will come when Upendra Mahato will be the richest person of Nepal and Divas Ji will no longer get any sharings.
    Guys, to make our thing great all of us have our responsibilities. To solve the problem we can make a group and can give force to the sleepy management of NTC to make the things reachable.

  7. |th3 rEv|(^-^)/((((((o~* says

    this service is too expensive for the Nepalese people. its a data packet limited service and should have been unlimited. we use high speed internet for online gaming, video streaming and downloads but using this one for the same would be insane. The ISP is simply trying to mug the general public. I pay the same equivalent price to my ISP for 30mbps download and nearly 10mbps upload. so SERIOUSLY this is way to much expensive. EPIC FAIL!!!

  8. Divas says

    I support you. We need high speed internet for online gaming, watching video and if it is very expensive than why do we need that????

  9. shiva,butwal,9847025241 says

    yo type ko broadband internet ramro ta ho . tara yo hamile kasiri paincha .ek ta mahango hola arko sabai sahar haruma chaina hola. yo vanda baru terai ma ta india ko bsnl le dine internet india gai lyauda thik hola . sasto pani ramro pani.

    • Ujjol says

      Yap Sanjaya,As I have heard you can use the UTL modem as the EVDO modem but I think in order to get the higher speed as provide by the EVDO you should use a usb modem having higher data transfer speed at the same time.But these chinese modems hardly gives the speed of around 400 kb/s.

  10. says

    I hate ntc policy. it has got monopoly system. I think Spice Nepal is better than ntc. NTC Lay Spice NEpal lai dabai ra ko chha. SPice nepali lai agi badna na dina ntc lay afno adhin ma rakhi ra chha. guys

  11. L_Stha says

    NTC EVDO service which boasts a download speed of 3.1 mbps and upload speed of 1.8 mbps is priced at Rs 0.25 per 100 kb !! What a joke !!
    its Rs 2.6 per MB, Rs 2621 per GB data transfer !! Its way too expensive !! Are we supposed to chat and mail only? it suggests “don’t use video mail, don’t watch youtube, don’t download any softwares, dont send and receive attachments, JUST USE TEXT EMAIL AND CHATTING OR YOU CAN PAY US 10000s OF RUPEES PER MONTH !! what rubbish !!

    And make one thing clear, if EVDO doesn’t support voice, why does NTC have pictures of EVDO mobiles on its website?

    • sangb says

      No voice means, no calling from cdma phone kya, kasto lato kura gareko yar bro ! Data means only internet .

  12. Vijay says

    म पनी आफ्नो लयापटप मा नेट चलाउन के युज गरु भनी सोचिराखेको छु !
    यो EVDO को बारे मा सुने त्यसैले यहि लिने हो कि, यो कहाँ पाहिंन्छ कति पैसा पर्छ
    भनि दिनु परयो !

  13. rajkumar says

    म पनी आफ्नो लयापटप मा नेट चलाउन के युज गरु भनी सोचिराखेको छु !
    यो EVDO को बारे मा सुने त्यसैले यहि लिने हो कि, यो कहाँ पाहिंन्छ कति पैसा पर्छ
    भनि दिनु परयो !

  14. Ravi Shakya says

     EVDO is ‘Evolution-Data Optimized’. DO does not means ‘Data Only’ as you mentioned in the article.

  15. banshi says

    म पनी आफ्नो लयापटप मा नेट चलाउन के युज गरु भनी सोचिराखेको छु !
    यो EVDO को बारे मा सुने त्यसैले यहि लिने हो कि, यो कहाँ पाहिंन्छ कति पैसा पर्छ
    भनि दिनु परयो !

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