Ncell Data Centers in Nepal

Ncell, the largest private cellular operator of the country, has 4 Data Centers across Nepal. Ncell is not much open about these data centers, but the centers are meant for complete back up of the company’s internal data including everything from its cellular operation to the engineering prospect.

Ncell Data Centers are currently located in in

  1. Kathmandu
  2. Biratnagar
  3. Hetauda
  4. Pokhara (Lekhnath)

Ncell planned in spending a sizable amount of the investment in building earthquake resistant data centres in the Kathmandu Valley, which lie in highly sensitive earthquake-prone zone.

“As a service provider, we shoulder the responsibility to ensure our customers have access to mobile services at all times, more so during a crisis when people need to stay connected with their loved ones. Hence, containerized data centre with redundant links and other core systems are high on our priority,” the Ncell MD.

Ncell presently has both modular and containerized data centres in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Hetauda and Biratnagar, of which data centres in Pokhara and Hetauda are containerized, and able to withstand high magnitude of earthquake and fire, enabling operations to be activated within an hour, even in worst-case scenarios.
Ncell Data Center Plant in Pokhara, image from Coromatic AB
Ncell Data Center Plant in Pokhara, image from Coromatic AB

Ncell’s data centers in Nepal are built by Coromatic, the leading provider of Critical Facilities Solutions. They have built 3 Ncell data centers so far (2 before and 1 after Nepal Earthquake of 2015) as per Coromatic sources.

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