Functions and Duties of Nepal Telecommunications Authority

As per the section 13 of the Telecommunications Act 2053 B.S. (1997 A.D.) the
functions and duties of the Authority are as follows:
(a) To provide suggestions to Government of Nepal on the policy, plan and program
to be adopted by Government of Nepal for the development of the
Telecommunications Service.
(b) To make the Telecommunications Service reliable and easily available to the
(c) To make necessary arrangement to avail basic Telecommunications Service and
facilities in all rural and urban areas throughout Nepal.
(d) To involve the national and foreign private sector investors in the operation of
the Telecommunications Service.
(e) To make arrangement for the coordination and healthy competition among the
persons providing Telecommunications Service and facilities, so as to provide such
service and facilities to all public in general.
(f) To prescribe, fix and approve the standard and quality standard of the plant and
equipment relating to the Telecommunications and the Telecommunications Service.
(g) To regularize and systematize Telecommunications Service
(h) To grant License to operate the Telecommunications service.
(i) To approve and regularize the fees to be collected by a person having obtained
License for providing the Telecommunications Service.
(j) To perform the functions relating to the frequency in accordance with the policy
determined by the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee.
(k) To carry out or cause to carry out the research about the development and use of
new technology in the field of Telecommunications.
(l) To cause to develop the skilled manpower for the Telecommunications Sector.
(m) To develop and extend or cause to develop and extended the
Telecommunications Service in such a way that it protects the rights and interests of
the consumers.
(n) To develop or cause to develops Nepal as an International Transit for
(o) To carry out necessary and appropriate functions for the development and
promotion of the Telecommunications Service.

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