Samsung TVs being one of the most popular TVs in Nepal, are seeing high demand in the market because of varieties they offer – LCD, LED and 3D, Smart options of TV series to name. Get the latest market price of Samsung LCD, LED, UHD and 3D Smart TVs in Nepal from the authorized Samsung dealer.

Samsung TV price in Nepal, a sample Samsung UHD TV available in Nepal

Samsung TV price in Nepal, a sample Samsung UHD TV available in Nepal

Price list includes Samsung TV models of various technologies available in the Nepalese market namely, 3D Smart TV, UHD TV, LED, LCD, Plasma, Ultra SlimFit, Flat TV.

Price of Samsung LCD, LED, 3D Smart and UHD TV in Nepal

Samsung TV ModelPrice in MRPTV TypeRemarks
Samsung 23H400324,890LED TV23" LED TV with cash back offer from Him Electronics
Samsung 24H400327,990LED TV
Samsung 24H410029,190LED TV
Samsung 28H4100 37,990LED TV
Samsung 32F410044,890LED TV
Samsung 32EH400338,890LED TV
Samsung 32H410046,890LED TV
Samsung 40H510071,490LED TV
Samsung 40H510074,890LED TV
Samsung 46F5100114,990LED TV
Samsung 48H5100120,890LED TV48" LED TV from Samsung
Samsung 32H450053,890LED SMART TVSmart TVs have Samsung's (Android) modified OS to run (Web) Apps
Samsung 40H550087,890LED SMART TV
Samsung 32F640069,8903D SMART TV
Samsung 40F6400108,8903D SMART TV
Samsung 46F6400139,9903D SMART TV
Samsung 48H6400149,9903D SMART TV
Samsung 55H6400203,9903D SMART TV
Samsung 75ES9000885,0003D SMART TVActual MRP 11 lakh, 75″ LED Smart TV
Samsung 40HU7000176,890UHD TVUHD TVs support 4K videos
Samsung 55HU7000302,890UHD TV
Samsung 48HU8500288,890UHD TV
Samsung 55F9000530,990UHD TV
Samsung 65F9000670,990UHD TV
Samsung 48H8000258,890CURVED TV
Samsung 55H8000319,890CURVED TV
Samsung 65H8000518,890CURVED TV
Samsung 65HU9000715,890CURVED UHD TVSamsung's super smart Ultra HD TV supporting 4K videos


Samsung TV Model Price in Rs Remarks
Samsung UA23F4003          24,890 23″ LED TV
Samsung UA28F4100          35,890
Samsung UA32F4100          44,890
Samsung UA32F4500          49,890
Samsung UA32F6400          69,890
Samsung UA40F5100          71,490
Samsung UA40F5500          77,890
Samsung UA40F6400        108,890
Samsung UA46F5100        116,890
Samsung UA46F6400        139,890
Samsung UA46F8000        210,890
Samsung UA55F6400        214,890
Samsung UA55F8000        279,890
Samsung UA55F9000        520,890
Samsung UA65F9000        670,890
Samsung UA75ES9000        884,890 Actual MRP 11 lakh, 75″ LED Smart TV

Authorized distributor of Samsung TVs in Nepal: HIM Electronics