Price of TCL TVs in Nepal 2018: Price of TCL Curved, 4K, 3D, SMART, LED HD TVs

TCL Smart TVs in Nepal
TCL Smart TVs in Nepal

TCL – The Creative Life – claim to be top three in the world for providing Curved Smart TV, Find the TCL offer that will bowl you offer with unbeatable introductory price of various 4K, 3D, Smart, LED, HD TVs in Nepal.

TCL Smart TV Price in Nepal 2018

TCL (The Creative Life) brand of Smart TVs released in Nepal are highly affordable plus TCL has also offered multi dimension (55", 65") TVs in Curved TV, 4K TV, Smart TV and LED TV variants. The TCL TV price presented here is obtained from official TCL authorized distributor in Nepal which is CG Digital.

* Only the items on the top of the table are updated, consult official distributor for current cashback and discount offers on TCL TVs.
TCL TV ModelTypePrice in NPRRemarks
TCL 55S62 (55")Smart TV74,890
TCL 55P3FS (55")Curved TV98,000Curved TV from TCL with cashback offer
TCL 43D2930 (43")Smart TV53,490
TCL 49P3FS (49")Curved TV76,190Curved TV from TCL with cashback offer
TCL 65P2US (65")4K TV154,5904K Ultra HD TV from TCL
TCL 55P2 (55")4K TV98,1904K Ultra HD TV from TCL
TCL 43P2 (43")4K TV63,8904K Ultra HD TV from TCL
TCL 40S62 (40")Smart TV47,090Affordable Smart TV from TCL
TCL 32 S6 (32")Smart TV31,390Affordable Smart TV from TCL
TCL 40D2900 (40")LED TV42,390Affordable LED TV from TCL
TCL 32D2900 (32")LED TV25,390Affordable LED TV from TCL
TCL 24D2900LED TV16,600Affordable LED TV from TCL
TCL 55H8800150,000Curved Smart TV, Offered that will bowl you over
TCL 55E5700 (4K/3D)134,9904K/3D
TCL 49E5700 (4K/Smart)105,4904K/Smart TV
TCL 40E5700 (4K/3D)83,4904K/ 3D
TCL 40D2730A (Full HD/Smart)54,990Full HD/Smart
TCL 40D2730A (Full HD LED)42,490Full HD LED
TCL 40D2730A (HD Smart)36,490HD Smart
TCL 32D2700S (LED)29,490LED
TCL 32B2820 (LED)29,490LED

The Official distributor of TCL Nepal is CG Digital Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Dipankar Dangol says

    Hello TCL,
    We want TCL 50” Full HD Television in Kalimati area for our own Purpose. These 50” FHD TV are in Quantity so i want to know about the availability of this product and other details as well. or Please contact @ 9849322394

  2. kiran singh katuwal says

    TCL 32 inch, display needed.
    Price and full detail needed.

  3. Ravi Bhagat says


  4. RK Sen says

    i am seeking 55″ 4K ultra HD TV soonest possible. But i want to know the quality assurance of the product and company’s feedback. (RK Sen 9851190638 KTM anamnagar)

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