mDev Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd

“mDev Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an IT company based in Nepal with specialization in creating new and innovative tools to cater the need of modern days IT organization as well providing enterprise application development. Our innovative tools use latest technologies and solutions to provide  in- depth analytical system with precision decision making tools to meet today’s business needs.

mDev Tech Solutions comprises a team of IT professionals who engage with the clients during development, requirements gathering and developing the system as per the requirements.

Company Registration Details:TAX Regd. Details:
Name: mDev Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Regd. No. 76141/067/068
Regd. Date. 2067/09/30
VAT: 600279105VAT Regd. Date: 2072/02/17


  • Point of Sale (POS Device)
  • Enterprise ResourcePlanning
  • CRM
  • Human Resource and Payroll System
  • Water Billing and Accounting System
  • Learning Management System
  • MedcoEMR
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • EMR
  • NRN Sewa
  • Homestrac
  • Savaako
  • MapIIt

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