Windows Apps developed by Team TechSansar

As a part of Projects, Team TechSansar has been developing Windows 8 Apps recently. While we aim to develop many Nepali Windows 8 Apps, some of the apps might be useful for the global audience.

Progamming Languages Tutorials

This Windows 8 app provides tutorials on various programming languages. Starting from the concept of programming to the guided examples with sample program code to how to build high end programs. Probably the best app for beginner programming students to the interested ones in the Windows Store.
This app gradually steps in from the basics of programming to specific programming languages. For a starter, C programming language is taken as the reference. Once the concept is understood, other languages can easily be grasped.
App features:

  • Probably the best app to start learning programming
  • Give concepts of Project Management and Software Development
  • Teaches ways to Test your software and maintain proper quality
  • Guided examples and concept wise chapters
  • Hard-coded program specific program codes
  • Full C and C++ Project files, with codes and flow charts
  • Free downloadable files and flow charts provided (as a download link)

Download Programming Languages Tutorials Apps from Windows Store

Nepali News

This Windows 8 app is currently under development and aimed at providing a segregation of Global Nepal related news. From a single syndication app, you will be able to read, respond and share news related with Nepal.

Write in Nepali

By name it’s clear that this Windows 8 Nepali app will allow users to write in Nepali language in fact Nepali unicode, and copy paste the text to the program (input) of their desire in their Windows 8 machine. This app will be released soon to the Windows 8 Store.

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