Blog Optimization Tips

Many Nepalese bloggers have asked us to research, analyze and publish the reasons behind why Nepalese blogs are not that much search engine friendly. We focus mainly on those Nepalese blogs which are written in Nepali language mostly.
We would like to thank many twitter and facebook friends for helping us with their views and providing links to blogs.
1. Language:
2. Visual:
3. URL:
4. Originality:
5. Longevity:
Set smart goals
plan SEO
use open source tools
mobile strategy
compare eservices with competitors
original contents
reply comments/queries

Blog Optimization Tips

1. Remove plugins that are unnecessary
2. Speed up your page (Search engines treat this seriously, and good for slow internet like in Nepal)
3. Use caching (if no CDN is available, or you don’t intend to purchase one)

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